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In my previous thread I posted some pics from the North of Malawi, a beautiful country in southern Africa. In this part some pics from the south.

A large part of Malawi is pretty hilly, with a lot of villages. I visited it in the dry season, when the scenery is rather dry and yellow. In and just after the rainy season everything looks green though.

1. Somewhere on the main road between Lilongwe (capital) and Blantyre (largest city in the country)

2. Nice Baobab-tree

3. Near Mua Mission, an old mission post

Now some pics from the area around Thyolo and Mulanje, south of Blantyre. This area is nice and green all year long, and mostly filled with tea and coffee estates. The area's economy is doing pretty well, especially in comparison to the very poor northern part of the country (see part 1).




7. In the middle of this area is the Mulanje massif, a mountenous area with peaks of more than 3,000 meters.

8. The small town Mulanje, a thriving town with a colourfull market.

9. Mulanje and the mountains. Okay, it may look poor, but at least you can buy DVD's! ;)



12. We unfortunately didn't have time for it, but you can make wonderful long hikes though this area. We only took a small stoll along the base of the mountains.


14. World-class education. ;)

15. An average Malawian shop.

Some pics from the area around Zomba, the former capital of the country.

16. An average village somewhere between Lilongwe and Zomba.

17. Through a contact of ours from Blantyre we visited her native town Ndirande, close to Zomba. She had to go there because of a court case about a piece of land. The judge was the village's chief and this courtroom can be seen on the pic... Our contact, Veronica (sitting on the right side of the bench) is a succesfull business woman from Blantyre. She looked rather out of place in the village, with her modern clothing and funky mobile phone...

18. We also visited the house of Veronica's brother, some miles further in a sparsely populated area. It was shocking to see in what conditions the average Malawian lives. The house was in a really bad state, and people struggle to get enough food every dat. A huge contrast with the rather modern city of Blantyre, only 30 miles away.

19. We also visited Zomba Plateau, a huge plateau in an otherwise flat area. On the plateau there's a posh restaurant and hotel, where we had a great meal. After seeing the poverty in the country we felt somewhat decadent...

20. In this place too, people have to work extremely hard to provide themselves with enough food, like this woodcutter.

21. Some nice scenery though

22. View on Zomba from the plateau

23. Supermarket in Zomba
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