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I've just come back after a great two weeks in Japan and thought I'd like to share some pics with you :)

Upon entering Tokyo from Narita Airport the city may not look of much, hell, I was even a bit dissappointed. But I quickly discovered that this Asian island probably houses the most advanced, well structured and polite inhabitants of our world.

Let's start out in Tokyo's young and trendy (and very-crowded-on-Sundays) Harajuku area:

A few drops of rain and the umbrellas come out:

School girls:

There's always something going on in the Shinjuku area and its train/metro station is the world's busiest - from the Government building's 45th floor you can get some really nice shots and on clear days a good view of Tokyo's tallest mountain, Mt Fuji. Unfortunately for us, summer is hot, humid and cloudy so we didn't get any good pictures of the beauty.

The Shinjuku area (notice the cucumber shaped building, the awesome Coccoon Tower:

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building looking quite scary:

A few images from the ritzy Roppongi Hills area that offers a good view of the Tokyo Tower:

A residential street close to Roppongi Hills:

Fancy restaurant in Roppongi Midtown:

Next, the view from our last hotel in Tennozou Isle from the 23rd floor:

... and from street level:

Three women crossing a bridge in a park:

Tea house in the same park:

Skyline from the Tokyo Dome City amusement park:

We all know smokers are cool but in most of Tokyo's streets smoking is prohibited (weird thing is that smoking is allowed in most restaurants and cafés and in some the smoking areas are actually a lot bigger than the non-smoking ones):

Hope you've enjoyed my little tour - more pictures of Kyoto and the Lake Ashi area will follow :)

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amazing pictures!! tokyo looks freaking incredible.. ive heard that japan isnt just another country - its another planet!!! :D can you confirm this?? i want to go there badly, its definitely high up on my list together with other asian countries :)

i just got home from a week in new york, so i might post the pictures i took soon, though it really isnt something that people havent seen already (+ now that i saw your pics i noticed how shitty a photographer i am, so i think itd be a bit embaressing to post mine..!!)

assuming youre white, did you get stares etc? ive heard theyre pretty racist over there ;)

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More pics, ahoy!

Let's start out in Hakone, a small holiday town by Lake Ashi and an hour's train ride from Tokyo. On a clear day Mt Fuji is visible but the day that we arrived was extremely foggy which gave me an opportunity to take some cool, atmospheric shots. The first image shows the ropeway that takes you to the top of Mt Kamiyama where the fog was even thicker - quite an amazing and almost scary and Silent Hill-esque experience.

Back down to Lake Ashi, the fog once again created a surreal atmosphere:

Kyoto, the former Japanese capital, is definitely a must-see if you visit the country and has a LOT of cultural sights to offer.

Typical Kyoto street:

The Kyoto Tower:

Beautiful view of the city from the Kiyomizu-dera temple site:

30 minutes by bus from central Kyoto lies Arashiyama - a beautiful mountainous area with temples, bamboo forests and monkeys :)

The "moon-crossing" bridge:

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