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Mid-town Baltimore is a pretty lively section of the city. Lots of cultural attrations, residential and office space, resturants, coffee shops, etc. Mid-town consists of 4 major districts, Mount Vernon, Charles Village,
Station North Arts District and Mt. Royal (and maybe Homewood). Almost all of these pics are of Mt. Vernon with the exception of the BSO pics, which is Mt. Royal.

They arent that great and I was in a bit of a rush once again, but you'll get the idea.

Symphony Center Office/Apartment complex at State Center

Home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchastra

Poe Plaza at The University of Baltimore. (Apparently the students are already out on break because there were very few people on campus today.)

Statue of Poe

Random UB building

The new UB Student Union

Random Office Building

Maryland Institute College of Art's trademark Mt. Royal Station Building.

Street Scene/Cafe


Belvedere Hotel and Condos

A Church

The Monumental Life Insurance Building

One of several banks in the neighborhood

More brownstones



The Washington Monument

An aerial of Mount Vernon taken from atop the Washington Monument that I found online

Areial of Mt. Vernon Square (Found this online too)

The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University

A Statue at Mt. Vernon Square

Pics of Mt. Vernon Square that I found online

Part of Mount Vernon Square

Part of the Walter's Art Museum

Apartment Building

Retail/Resturant District

A Local Bank

More apartments

A couple pubs

The Live Baltimore Home Center

An aerial taken from atop the Washington Monument that I found online

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Great photos, you ca really appreciate the architecture. To bad there is no one on the street to appreciate it. I am always amazed how desolate the streets are. Plenty of auto traffic though.
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