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Pics of former Kockums crane

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Hi. I wonder if anyone have pics of former Kockum crane that could be used on Wikipedia. The crane was once a landmark of Malmö, Sweden and I know that many people want to see how it looks today. I think the crane is still the biggest one in the world.

Info from Wikipedia:

"The Kockums Crane (or Kockumskranen in Swedish) was a 138-metre-tall crane, formerly of the Swedish shipyard Kockums in Malmö. It was built in 1973–1974 and capable of lifting 1500 tonnes. The rail width was 175 metres, the rail length 710 metres. The crane was used to build approximately 75 ships. Its last use in Malmö was in 1997, when it was used to lift the foundations of the high pillars of the Oresund Bridge.

The crane was first sold in the early 1990s to the Danish company Burmeister & Wain, but the company went bankrupt before the crane could be moved.

The crane was a landmark of Malmö from its time of construction until its dismantling in the summer of 2002, when it was shipped to Ulsan in South Korea, after being sold to Hyundai Heavy Industries for the price of $1. The Koreans have dubbed the crane "Tears of Malmoe", due to the notion that the residents of Malmö wept when they saw their crane being towed away."
Here's how it looked like in Malmö:

Here it is in Ulsan. The problem is that I found this on Flickr so I can't use it on Wikipedia...

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I saw it in the mid-1970's

Thank-you for posting this! My relatives live in Trelleborg and I remember visiting them in the mid-1970's -- and the Kockums crane in Malmo was a BIG deal. We went for a day-trip from Trelleborg to Malmo and it seemed to be ever-present all around town. I think I have a postcard in a scrapbook somewhere. Thanks again.

Malmö September year 2000

Here is a picture taken from my balcony in Malmö. Date is 17 sept 2000:
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