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Since I don't post often here, let me introduce you my homeland. What I commonly live in.

Ok, last post I'll do here. I'll merge others in one because I don't want to reload this page at each of my post. Last one.

The Pyrenees

Here we go for some breathtaking pictures. Mainly landscapes. Unless it's specified, it's the French part. It is where I live.

More pictures including villages.

Here is the Valle de Aran in Spain. It's the Spanish side but it's the Spanish Occitania (wich is tiny, yet due to this, they have their own council). Unlike the French side, peoples from there are still speaking the old Occitan language (I don't speak it).

Back to France once and for all.

Some pics of the Mauvezin Castle

More landscapes

And ruins of an old castle, the Chateau des Comtes de Comminges.

Yes t's oil... ;)

My house, or rather my mother's house where I am sometime. It's still not finished, the trees are ours and the (tiny) river pass on our land. The cross is the basque cross, not the nazi cross. The mower lawn wasn't working at the moment (fixed now).


Auch is a small town, historic capital of Gascony. The main thing to see there is the cathedral. The city was rather rich at the moment. This is why the inside of the cathedral is so nice.

It's a gothic church, but the interior has been modified several times. And include some baroque elements in (that's how it works here, we didn't build Baroque church because we already had church when the style was introduced but we modified the interiors).

It has a lot of gold inside it and the wood there is of extreme quality. Before being sculpted it stay in the river there (the Gers, it's also the name of the department) one full year. Then Auch afforded the best northern italian artists (wich I can't name but they were famous in their time) to work it.

This is why on some pictures, you have the impression to have gold over the wood. But in fact there is no gold on the wood (but there are tons everywhere else in) it's just light reflecting on the wood.

So here is the Cathedral, Sainte Marie

And now the town itself.


Lourdes is a small town. In the southwest France. Even smaller than Tarbes. It has only 13.000 residents. But the tourism is hell active here. In 2000, 5.000.000 of tourists came. The city itself only has 2 real landmarks. The main reason of tourism is the catholic pilgrimage. Lourdes is a holy place where miracle are supposed to happen. I lived there for 1 year, but it's not possible. The huge tourism kills every possible life.

The Basilique Notre Dame du Rosaire is built on the holy place itself. It has nothing really special and it rather modern. You can see the big esplanade in front of it. And the two ramps on its side.

The second landmarks is the castle.

And the town itself.

Saint Bertrand de Comminges

Even smaller than Luz Saint Sauveur, this village is easily accessible. It's in a valley but the road is much better. This village has also an interesting church. First a roman fort (there are still some roman ruins at the foot of the hill) and has 2000 years of history (but the church isn't that old). Like Auch and Luz Saint Sauveur, it's a church that has been modified way a lot of time.

You can see the cathedral, named Sainte Marie again.

Pictures of the village

Luz Saint Sauveur

Luz Saint Sauveur is really a tiny village. Unsignicant on a map. And very hard to find. It's 20 km after Lourdes but the road is a pain. In 45min to do it and just a long succession of green mountainous canyons. The village is entirely surrounded on mountains and is far from everything.

So the question is, why would someone goes there? Well, there is a church, a fortified one. It is say it was built by the Templars there. The style of the church itself is hard to define. As you see, it's a fortified one, and the inside was modified several time as you can see, just like for Sainte Marie of Auch, details that are baroque and gothics. It was built around 800BC and was modified a lot of time too. For example, you can see a paint of a man holding a triangle, the triangle itself symbolise the holy trinity, but the man has 3 faces. It's what we name an "Anamorphosée" here, depending or you angle and distance of view you can see one or three faces. The angels also have a typical baroroque design, they are winged heards without body, in the classical architecture they have a doby and an undertemined gender.

And it front of the church, you can see the castle in the distance. Wich is named Sainte Marie.


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Believe me it's not easy to reply to this thread, it takes like 10 minutes for all the pictures to load and halfway through you just decide you've seen enough and try to reply but the damn pictures keep loading and it becomes impossible to hold the page long enough to click reply. :bash:

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You bring up a very valid point. I have a 10Mbps connection, and my computer nearly became comatose trying to load this thread.

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Great photos. My late father, Francois Ricaud, was born in Mauvezin, Haute Pyrennes, and left for the US with his family at 12 years old. I have seen some photos of the Mauvezin castle where he used to play as a child. I am told that my grandfather, Joseph Ricaud, was the mayor of Mauvezin for many years, probably in the 20's or 30's.
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