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I live on one....but it doesnt handle sewage....It procceses water from lakes and makes it safe for drinking!

A line in my home address is 'Satesford W.T.W' ....Water Treatment Works

All these pics were taken by me...

I actually live on the Anglain water site itself...a line in my Address is 'Satesford W.T.W' ....Water Treatment Works

Road Sign....put up because of us years ago!
And The Bungalow

View ofthe 'green'
...and My house and my sisters house (right)

Overview of the area where I live
...and geese in the river Witham!

Arty picture from me...Daffodils infront of a work equipment!
Coots in the river!

Taken 12th May....what it looks like with leaves on the trees!

A waterpipe burst a few days is a pic soon after the burst...the pipe is deep deep dpwn under the hill and the water had forced it was to the top and made sort of a waterfall!

The Next day....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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