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PIEMONTE | Residenze Reali Sabaude (Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO)

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When Emmanuel-Philibert, Duke of Savoy, moved his capital to Turin in 1562.....

........... he began a vast series of building projects (continued by his successors) to demonstrate the power of the ruling house. This outstanding complex of buildings, designed and embellished by the leading architects and artists of the time, radiates out into the surrounding countryside from the Royal Palace in the 'Command Area' of Turin to include many country residences and hunting lodges.

The Committee decided to inscribe this property on the basis of criteria (i), (ii), (iv) and (v), considering that the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy in and around Turin represent a comprehensive overview of European monumental architecture in the 17th and 18th centuries, using style, dimensions, and space to illustrate in an exceptional way the prevailing doctrine of absolute monarchy in material terms.

Le residenze reali/ The royal residencies

Palazzo Reale di Torino​
Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja, Torino​
Castello del Valentino, Torino​
Castello di Rivoli​

Per alcune di esse esiste gia un thread su SSC, in alcuni casi molto completo, in altri anche strutturato. Per Venaria in questo thread i post vetrina

Ringrazio tutti per segnalare eventuali errori sia di contenuto che di traduzione in inglese.
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La Reggia di Venaria Reale e' parte di un unicum composto da Reggia stessa, giardini e borgo cittadino. Tutti questi elementi sono stati e sono tuttora restaurati dopo anni di abbandono, con finanziamenti europei, e sono uno dei tasselli più importanti della corona di delizie delle regge sabaude all'interno e attorno alla città di Torino, iscritte nel 1997 nell'elenco dei siti patrimonio dell'Umanità dell'Unesco.

The Venaria Royal is a part of a "unicum" composed of the palace itself, the gardens and the town. All these elements have been and are still being restored after years of neglect, with European funding, and are one of the most important pieces of the crown of delights of the palaces of Savoy in and around the city of Turin, entered in the 1997 list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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La costruzione iniziò nel 1659 a seguito del progetto originale dell'architetto "Amedeo di Castellamonte", ben prima dell'unificazione dell'Italia, quando Torino era la capitale del ducato di Savoia. Lo scopo del sito è stato quello di realizzare il miglior posto reale per la caccia.
Il progetto fu poi modificato, anche dopo i danni di guerra, nella prima parte dall'architetto Michelangelo Garove, ma in particolare dal famoso architetto Filippo Juvarra, e da ultimo da Benedetto Alfieri.

The construction started in 1659 following original project of architect "Amedeo di Castellamonte", well before the Italy unification, when Turin was the capital of duchy of Savoy. The scope of the site was to realise the best royal place for hunting.
The project was later modified, also after war's damages, in part first by architect Michelangelo Garove, but in particular by the famous architect Filippo Juvarra, and latest by Benedetto Alfieri.

Reggia attuale / Today's appearance

Progetto originario di Castellamonte / Original project of Architect Castellamonte

Progetto di Garove / Project of Architect Garove

foto prese da

Sede mondiale Unesco / One of the UNESCO World Headquarters

Un'altra bandiera dell'Onu - L'Unesco sceglie Venaria, di DIEGO LONGHIN La Stampa

Another flag of the UN - UNESCO chooses Venaria
In the Palace will be created the seventh cultural center of the world. There are already six similar structures in Oslo, Bahrain, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Zacatecas in Mexico, but all have a range of local action, directed in a protected area close to the UN organization at the local level. "Turin, meanwhile, will play a cross-cutting role" - says Professor Walter Santagata, Professor of Economics at the University of Turin and the culture of the fathers of the project - "will train and economic research related to the whole World Heritage Site declared Unesco ".
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work in progress - POST VETRINA


Come era fino a poco tempo fa (orrore...) / How it was until few years ago (really awful...)

Saloni, stucchi e giardini, rinasce la Reggia di Venaria
Halls, gardens, and stuccos, reborn Venaria
... the millions of visitors for decades will have to thank the almost unknown founding of an association with the unpronounceable name, "AVTA", and that their battle away at the beginning of the 50s, to stop "killing in favor of an expansion of the Palace building in the city of Venaria. "
.... a miracle already lasted eight years and cost at the end of all, 280 million euros ...
.... And finally, the four "jewels" Juvarra that continue into the plant imposing corridors, courtyards, pavilions sleeves and powerful: the gallery of Diana (it is already open for several years and is rented at least every 15 days for parties, meetings and locations films), the church of St. Hubert, the Citroniera (will be a great winter garden and maybe host a collage of all the "earthly paradises" of world religions) and the Scuderia (it will become the site of the annual exhibitions of archeology and art ).....

Tornano a Venaria le quattro stagioni rapite da Napoleone
The statues of the four seasons, kidnapped by Napoleon, return to Venaria
They return home to Venaria, after almost 200 years. Are again beautiful, candid and triumphant, which were originally in the palace, so beautiful that rivals, to unleash the ugly want to violate the bodies. They were scarred, mutilated, then the arms and finally beheaded by the soldiers of Napoleon, during the sack of Turin and Savoy residences.
They are the "Four Seasons" carved by the sculptor Simon Martinez between 1739 and 1759, white marble Frabosa. Now worth about one million and 200 thousand euros. Three girls in flower rested to give their smile in the spring, summer and autumn. While an elderly matron, but solemn turn, personified the winter ......
... They are still in the 'rondo' that separates the Gallery of Diana from the Chapel of St. Hubert ....

Premio speciale per il miglior restauro dell’anno
On 19 October, the Forum of Brixen, in the fourth edition of BrixenART Film Festival, the Superintendent of Architectural and Landscape Heritage of Piedmont, Eng. Francis Partridge, as supervisor of the restoration and responsible for the technical architecture, received the Special Award for best restoration of the Year Award at the Palace of Venaria.

Galleria di Diana / Diana's gallery

Le Citroniere, lavori di restauro terminati all'inizio 2010 / Le Citroniere, restoration work completed early 2010

Fontana del cervo / Fountain of the deer.
da La Stampa

Festa d’inaugurazione della restaurata opera secentesca, in collegamento con l’Expo di Saragoza - LUIGI CITRINITI
Opening ceremony of the restored seventeenth-century works in conjunction with the Expo in Zaragoza
Was thought to be lost from archival sources, but now returns to revive and regain its symbolism in a contemporary dimension and technologically advanced. Sunday 15, from 17, the new fountain of the Court of Honour of the Deer Venaria will be opened after a complex restoration and reconstruction. The project has led to the creation of a new and broader invaded elliptical shape that encompasses the seventeenth-century source, whose discovery, which occurred during the final refurbishment of the Court of Honour, was an event of exceptional magnitude.

Tempio/fontana di Diana - Temple/fountain of Diana

"La Reggia avrà tre nuove meraviglie" Vanelli: “Il tempio di Diana riapparirà sulle acque di una fontana magica” - MAURIZIO LUPO - La Stampa - TORINO
The Palace will be three new wonders "Vanelli:" The temple of Diana will reappear on the waters of a magic fountain "
The "Temple of Diana," seventeenth-century masterpiece by Amedeo Castellamonte, will reappear at Venaria Reggia. Dismantled in the early eighteenth century by order of King Victor Amadeus II, will return this summer to impress visitors to the house of Savoy. They'll see it again, projected on a screen made ??up of hundreds of jets of water. We will launch a ten-meter high fountain in the circular. Will be staged on the archaeological remains of the temple, with its jets to recreate the two concentric towers that formed it.
Com'era / How it was

Com'e' oggi / Today's ruines

Cascina Medici del Vascello:
Appena restaurata a margine dei giardini della Reggia, non è stata ancora inaugurata. Diverrà un centro sede di manifestazioni di rango, dedicate all'agricoltura e al cibo.

Gran Potagè
Su dieci ettari di terreno a fianco della cascina Medici del Vascello saranno coltivati orti e frutteti storici, che produrranno e venderanno le verdure e la frutta coltivate in epoca barocca

Eight-year reconstruction of the beautiful gardens of the Palace Potager will create the largest existing throughout the Italian territory ALESSANDRO MONDO - La Stampa

Tre nuovi punti ristoro
Oltre all'«Ufficio del caffè», alla Garden House e al «Chiosco delle Pergole» si aggiungono «La sala del pettegolezzo» il ristorante «Scuderie Juvarriane» e il «Cascina Medici»

immagini e testi tratti da La Stampa

Secondo piano sopra la Sala di Diana / Royal apartments in the second floor over Diana Room
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Un accenno a Miraflores è superfluo?

Superga non fa parte della corona delle delizie?

Parco della Mandria, borgo Castello e cascine/ville - La Mandria Park, castle and rural costructions




La Rubbianetta, centro internazionale del cavallo / horses international center

Castello dei Laghi nel parco de La Mandria / Lakes Castle in La Mandria Park

La Bizzaria nel parco de La Mandria / The Bizzarria building in La Mandria Castle

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Il borgo di Venaria/The town near the Castle

image hosted on flickr

Arriva l'archistar di Ground Zero per rifare Venaria - Libeskind reinventerà la città della Reggia - GIANNI GIACOMINO
The starchitects to rebuild Ground Zero Venaria - the archistar Mr. Libeskind reinvent the city's Royal Palace
Mayor Joseph Catania proud illustrates the beauty of his city with some crack to Daniel Libeskind, the "master" of deconstruction in American architecture, the task of rethinking ground zero and the Twin Towers, after realizing the Jewish Museum in Berlin and now committed urban regeneration project in Expo 2015 in Milan. Not any. Libeskind looks around, trying to cross the eyes of his wife Nina while walking down the street canteen with his staff: "Very, very beautiful."

The mayor also shows him with a volume of photographs taken from different districts of the Royal. Libeskind reality and stores images. Are you surprised by the contrast between the magnificence of the rooms of the palace, its gardens and some areas of the city. "I'm really" holes blacks, "There is definitely a lot to do here," says arousing the laughter of his colleagues. Yesterday archistars landed in Venaria to prepare a volume of his work with the publishing house Volumina Turin, but also to look at what, from suburban quartierone became an international center of culture.

Libeskind will try to understand how it can blend the modern city with historical buildings and how Venaria can recover the exploits of the tourist complex of Savoy, who looks like a village than the other way. The director of the Consortium The Venaria, Alberto Vanelli, and the Conservative leader, Mr. Francis Partridge, were clear from the start: "Teacher, in the future if the opportunities lie ahead, we would like to rely on his vast experience to get any advice on recovery and the revitalization of urban cities. "
Daniel Libeskind had never been to Venaria and remained enchanted: "Still I will return, there is no doubt »,.......
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Utilizzo odierno - Today's life and events

L'inaugurazione / Openings

Greenaway e i misteri di casa Savoia
ALESSANDRA Comazzo - La Stampa
Peter Greenaway at the court of Savoy. ....with many actors, in all 165, Mr. Greenaway intended to "repopulate" the newly restored Venaria . The director has finished shooting the Lumiq Studio in Turin, the largest soundstage in Europe. And 'tired, instead of going to eat two cream puffs to celebrate, he prefers to go straight to the hotel, the luxury, in front of the Porte Palatine.

His work will be ready in September, is called right Peopling the Palaces, is made by Volumina commissioned by Venaria, Castello di Rivoli, Piedmont Region. Greenawy, the director of the Welsh Mysteries of Compton House, the architect of the Belly, outstanding investigator, will set up five large pictures (movies) for an exhibition that will illustrate moments of life at court over two centuries, 600 and 700: the visitor will be welcomed by the characters, real and virtual at the same time, introduce him to the palace, then enter the Duke's private apartments, kitchens, go on the hunt, will be presented to the court, will be introduced in the "flying squadron" of the House of Savoy, a formation invented by Caterina de 'Medici and then copied, forty luxury ladies are always ready to offer their services in exchange for alliances, information and secrets. Greenaway has painstakingly documented the time, wrote the dialogues, translated and recited in Italian. Dialogues are historically correct, but by no means conventional. And even that is about to be realized will be a conventional projection.
da Febbraio 2009:
Tesori sommersi / Sunken treasures

"Promoted by France and Hilti Foundation, in the nineties an expedition to recover the ship Napoleon - continues Vanelli - sunk near the Nile delta. In an attempt to recover the ship, the archaeologists discovered that the bottom is an entire city. Today, after nearly two decades of excavations in an underwater archaeological site were unearthed artifacts and large objects that trace the life in the centuries before and after the birth of Christ, a time when Alexandria was perhaps the most important cities Mediterranean, a crossroads of civilizations Egyptian, Greek and Roman. A set of extraordinary religious experiences, art and culture.
After recovery of these works, in the late nineties and the millennium, has organized this exhibition which began a world tour: Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Venaria hours and then will be the turn of Yokohama in Japan. From this last final stage, the material will return to Alexandria in Egypt where he will set up a permanent museum of Egyptian, Greek and Roman city of Alexandria.
Estate 2009

Programma dei concerti estivi 2009 alla Reggia di Venaria:
25 giugno - Ennio Morricone
30 giugno - De André canta De Andrè: Cristiano accompagnato da Stefano di Battista, Fabrizio Bosso e Rita Marco Tulli.
2 luglio - Vinicio Capossela & Calexico
6 luglio - Franco Battiato
Dal 9 al 12 luglio - Rock Alternative Traffic Festival
12 luglio - Tiziano Ferro
14 luglio - Concerto di Rachel Ferrer: tributo a Billie Holliday a 60 anni dalla morte
15 luglio - Ludovico Einaudi
17 luglio - Claudio Baglioni
21 luglio - Peter Cingotti
25 luglio - Versi e Diversi: Massimo Ranieri accompagnato da J Senese e T Esposito
28 luglio - Ivano Fossati
29 luglio - David Byrne
1 agosto - Antony & the Johnsons
Novembre 2009

A Venaria va di scena il ballo delle debuttanti da La Stampa
At the scene goes Venaria Debutante Ball.
Gala evening, yesterday in Venaria Royal Castle, for the fifteenth edition of the Grand Ball of the Debutants. Thirty girls come from all over Italy, accompanied by the cadets of the Naval Academy of Livorno, danced in wedding dresses for non-profit initiative organized by the Committee "Vienna on the Lake," with charitable purposes. Godmother of honor Arianna Ciampoli TV presenter.
Marzo 2010

Citroniera : Festival dei Fiori (finora tenuto a Sanremo)
Citroniera: Flower Festival (now held in Sanremo)
In Venaria the Flower Festival The Flower Festival of Sanremo this year moves to Venaria
A picturesque footbridge, a fashion show starring the colors, shapes, innovations in floral composition, the art of creating, starting with the quality and charm of the flower production of the Ligurian Riviera, authentic masterpieces of light, smell and design. The Flower Festival, the most important Italian showcase dedicated to flower designers, this year will live a setting of your dreams, a frame princely.

other pictures here

22 Marzo 2010

premio letterario GIMO alla galleria grande di Diana
Aprile Agosto 2010

Scuderia : mostra con 150 tele sul Cristo con opere di artisti come Michelangelo, Rubens, Donatello.
Exhibition with 150 paintings on Christ with the works of artists like Michelangelo, Rubens and Donatello.
The Crucifix is the centerpiece of Michelangelo's "prestige" of the 193 that will be displayed in the exhibition "Jesus The body, the face in art. "Your insurance around 50 million. "But do not worry, because they work so it is impossible to place," admits Chiafalà. Is downloaded and will be transported to the stables where the expected maximum Juvarriane Venegoni, which takes care of setting up the exhibition and has just finished "fit" another crucifix by Donatello, on loan from the convent of Bosco ai Frati of Florence.
Giugno 2010

Giro d'Italia in moto.
La casa dei Savoia ora affascina il Celeste Impero - La Reggia di Venaria va a Shanghai con i simboli dell’Italia: Colosseo, torre di Pisa, la Scala e Assisi

Il palazzo di caccia e di divertimenti dei Savoia entra nel grande circuito del turismo internazionale.
E sbarca a Shanghai, al «World Expo 2010».
The palace of the Savoy hunting and entertainment comes in the great circuit of international tourism. It arrives in Shanghai, the "World Expo 2010." And so, a piece of the history of Piedmont, will end up in the spotlight of a showcase of 70 million visitors. A privilege that Italy will touch only five monuments. Next to the Venaria there will be just as charming as masterpieces, but the best known: the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Tower of Pisa, the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and Rome's Colosseum.

"When, in 1994, we started the restoration project, I never thought of getting similar results. Do you think that we also had to print the brochures in Chinese "- allows the engineer Francis Partridge, head of the conservative Venaria, which now flies to Shanghai to talk about the recovery and revitalization of the whole of Savoy, visited by about one million tourists the 'year. Officials of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China are ready to accept and know the baroque style designed by Juvarra, large pavilions designed by Michelangelo Garove and innovative techniques used for the restoration of 240 000 cubic meters of interior walls and floors . And how do you manage and maintain all through the organization of events. "China will be an opportunity to enhance and make the world aware of the professionalism, competence and efficiency Piedmont" - supports the Regional Minister of Commerce met William Casoni.

In "Italian Pavilion" experts report on technologies used for the redesign of large architectural excellence as the building of Venaria that, within three years, has transformed itself from ruin hostage of vandals and looters, museum center in the top five in Italy. "And so we became an export product in the field of restoration of cultural heritage" - Pernice jokes. They talk about the data. "The Palace is the only museum in Italy is able to cover 50% of operating costs with revenue from ticket and renting of spaces [/ B] - explains Alberto Vanelli, the director of the Consortium Venaria Royal - The others arrive at 25.30%. " There is talk of an annual budget of 13 million euros and a half. Five and a half coming from the ticket office, 800 000 euros from renting the rooms. " In Shanghai, will discuss not only the success of the Palace. But the redevelopment of existing urban fabric, "Better City, Better Life." Venaria is an example. "Today is a pedestrian street Mensa, have sprouted dozens of new businesses, historic buildings restored, the square is no longer called the Annunciation Square Corleone - analyzes Partridge - because this is turning even the social fabric, all you will cretai 500 jobs. " And in a few months from the city center, Piazza della Repubblica, and Esedra Pagliere Court, sixty family moved from council estates to new areas of the city. In the old housing will host hotels, hostels and shops for the new Venaria.

Luglio - Novembre 2010

La macchina delle meraviglie. Lanterna magica e film dipinto. 400 anni di cinema
The machine of wonders. Magic Lantern and painted film. 400 years of cinema

Is due to the passion of two great collectors such as Henri Langlois and Maria Adriana Prolo collection of two major collections of glass for magic lanterns in the world, from which the idea of the exhibition "The machine of wonders. Magic Lantern and painted film. 400 years of cinema, "a collaboration between the Cinémathèque Française in Paris and the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin.

After the success of Paris, the exhibition is transferred to the Venaria on the initiative of the Association for Cultural Enhancement Venaria Royal, where he will remain on display until early November.
Da Novembre 2010

Antiquari a Venaria
Antiques in Venaria
A drop of emerald green of over forty carats which portrays the Countess of Castiglione. Napoleon III had ordered that, like many others, had lost his head for the Mata Hari of the Risorgimento. It is the most precious piece among those to see - and possibly buy - at the fourth biennial "Antiques in Venaria", from Saturday 1 November at the Royal Palace, in the boundless spaces of the Great Stables Juvarra and Citroniera. Books, furniture, jewelry, works of art in the top anriquariato.
Forty "pieces," including furniture, wood carvings and bronze miniatures on parchment, oil paintings, tables. Not to mention books, old editions in Venaria literally open to the public.
fino al 9 gennaio 2011

presepe del RE nella sala adiacente alla cappella di Sant'Uberto

Inizio 2011:
La Reggia rimarrà chiusa dal 10 gennaio a venerdì 25 febbraio 2011, per la preparazione delle mostre di Italia 1861 - 2011

17 marzo - 11 settembre 2011
La mostra «La bella Italia. Arte e identità delle città capitali», si arricchisce di alcuni nuovi capolavori
The exhibition "The beautiful Italy. Art and identity of the capital cities, "scheduled to Venaria in Turin from March 17 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, is enhanced by some new masterpieces, the works' The Turkish slave 'by Parmigianino, the' Portrait of Francesco I d'Este 'Velazquez' and 'Bust of Francis I of Bernini', as well as first editions of the poems of Ariosto and Tasso.

Due gondole per l'Unità d'Italia: ecco il regalo di Venezia per i 150 anni
Two gondolas for the Unification of Italy: this is the gift of Venice for the 150 years.
We are in 1730 in Turin, subject to the strict imposition of Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, who, struck by a growing madness, banning all forms of worldliness, finally yielding power to his son. By opposing the hardness of the dark father, Charles Emmanuel III restores the splendor of the court and, in 1730, as proof of magnificence, he orders the construction of two Venetian boat to be shown during the processions and parades on Po's destiny wants this is just the two teachers who have just completed the construction of the last Bucintoro, what then will be burned by Napoleon.

Pulled by oxen and horses, the strength of the current challenges peota Po and lands to the beginning of September of 1731 in Turin, where he became the true queen of the court. As per custom, the new star of the revival Savoy requires two bridesmaids to go out on parade, then come here, from Venice, gondolas two elegant and austere, he lost his head over the centuries, unlike Bucintoro Turin, has remained almost unchanged and awaiting the final touches before they can produce the Venaria with two ladys.

L'Italia si specchia
10 luglio - 11 dicembre 2011

Settembre 2011

Alla Venaria Reale sfilano i 150 anni della moda italiana/150 years of italian fashion in Venaria
At the feast of elegance Venaria "It will be the Palace of Wonders" from Women of the Risorgimento
to the movie stars: journey through the elegance and style made ??in Italy from 1861 to today
foto da La Stampa

da sito GQ Italia

21 ottobre 2011 - 8 gennaio 2012

Mostra di disegni di Leonardo da Vinci
Exhibition of original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, including the famous self-portrait kept at the State Archives of Turin

/ndr aggiungere articolo su mostra Uova di Fabergè/

Una quadreria alla Reggia: le raccolte del Principe Eugenio

DOVE: Sale delle Arti della Reggia
QUANDO: dal 5 aprile al 9 settembre 2012
Dalle superbe collezioni della Galleria Sabauda di Torino una raffinata mostra integrata al percorso di visita della Reggia.

Insieme a dipinti preziosi e capolavori d’arte scorrono le vicende di un protagonista, intrigante e carismatico, della politica europea del Settecento, il Principe Eugenio di Savoia, raffinato collezionista, abile stratega militare, grande condottiero.

Un'importante occasione per ammirare 130 opere di celebri artisti (da Reni a Van Dyck, da Brueghel ai rinomati nomi della pittura fiamminga e olandese) che tornano a costituire -seppur per un periodo limitato- la "quadreria della Reggia"​
Ba&Ba 2012 - anteprima dell’ultima annata dei due grandi vini di Langa, Barolo e Barbaresco

Galleria di Diana, 15 Maggio 2012

The event is on its fourteenth edition and will be on the 7th of May 2012.
It will be for the second consecutive year , in the Galleria di Diana inside of the Palace of Venaria Reale that is the setting for the presentation of the previews of the last year of the two great wines of the Langhe, Barolo and Barbaresco.
This year will be about 110 participating companies, which will present a preview for tasting their best selections of vintage Barolo and Barbaresco 2008 and 2009. We invited famous names of Piedmontese wine scene.....
It will be also the opportunity to meet some new emerging reality in the panorama of high quality which is the production of Langa.
The ticket allows the public, starting at 15.00, to access the exhibition area where you can enjoy unlimited samples of over 300 wines presented.
Fabergé alla Venaria

dove: Sale delle arti della Reggia
quando: 27/07/2012 - 09/11/2012

Now on view in the Royal Palace of Venaria's Rooms of the Arts are the works of celebrated goldsmith Carl Fabergé: gold, gems, diamonds and unique examples of his famous Easter Eggs, the excellent artistic production that reached its apex between the 19th and 20th Centuries.
The exhibit is completely dedicated to the French jeweler known as Karl Gustavovič Fabergé (1846-1920), head jeweler to the Imperial Court of the Romanovs.

Three-hundred-fifty precious masterworks will be on exhibit in this Royal Turinese Palace, all from the goldsmith’s atelier in St. Petersburg. Today they belong to the Link of Times Foundation collection in Moscow, and include nine of the Imperial jeweled Eggs – realized in gold, invaluable stones and other rare materials – in addition to the surprise heart picture frame of the Egg of 1897.
Besides the most famous Eggs in the world, the exhibit shows off the vast repertory of decorative objects and accessories, including frames, desk sets, cigarette boxes, buckles, purses and jewelry.
The event is also an occasion for commemorating, via images and visual displays, the relationship between the Savoy and Romanov Dynasties; in 1782, the Romanovs were guests at the Palace of Venaria during their famous Grand Tour, while the last Czar Nicholas II was received by the Royal Court and representatives from the Italian Government at Racconigi Castle (in Piedmont) in 1910.
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Collegamenti per raggiungere la reggia / How to reach the complex

By plane:
Turin Airport TRN from the airport the Reggia di Venaria castle may be reached directly by metro (TRN Airport - Venaria Station)
Milan airport MXP then bus to Turin - Porta Susa railway station
By bus from Turin:
shuttle from Turin to the Royal complex:
bus 72
bus 11
by railway from Turin: from metro station "Dora" to "Venaria" station (few km)
by car: Turin ring road exit Savonera
Venaria Reale in numeri / facts and figures

La Venaria Reale in numeri

80.000 mq di superficie della Reggia
5.000 mq di affreschi e decori nella Reggia
80 ettari di Giardini della Reggia
40.000 nuove piantumazioni nei Giardini della Reggia
11 milioni di litri d’acqua nella Grande Peschiera dei Giardini, lunga 250 metri e larga 50 metri
8.000 mq delle ex scuderie della Reggia dedicati al Centro per la Conservazione e Restauro, uno dei più grandi poli di restauro al mondo
3.000 ettari del Parco La Mandria
35 km di muro di cinta del Parco La Mandria
30.000 mq del Borgo Castello de La Mandria
8.000 mq tra Cascina Rubbianetta e maneggio coperto, con altri 5 ettari di spazi all’aperto, dedicati al Centro Internazionale del Cavallo nel Parco La Mandria
200 milioni di euro di investimenti
800 persone impiegate nei cantieri
50 cantieri attivati
Oltre 100 progettisti e oltre 100 esperti tecnici e scientifici

80,000 square meters of the Palace
5,000 square meters of frescoes and decorations in the Palace
80 acres of Gardens of the Palace
40,000 new plantings in the Gardens of the Palace
11 million gallons of water in the Great Gardens of Peschiera, 250 meters long and 50 meters wide
8,000 square meters of the former stables of the Palace dedicated to the Center for Conservation and Restoration, one of the largest restoration centers in the world
3,000 hectares of the Park La Mandria
35 km of the boundary wall of the Park La Mandria
30,000 sqm of Castle Village de la Herd
8,000 square meters of indoor riding Rubbianetta and House, with another 5 acres of open space, dedicated to the International Horse Centre in the Park La Mandria
200 million euro investment
800 people employed on construction sites
50 yards activated
Over 100 designers and over 100 scientific and technical experts
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moooooolto interessante il tuo lavoro, ancorché ingrato!! :)
Io aggiungerei anche Palazzo Chiablese: è vero che è un continuum con Palazzo Reale, ma tecnicamente è un edificio a sé e con una storia indipendente rispetto al suo "vicino", sia dal punto di vista dell'evoluzione architettonica che artistico-decorativa, nonché per l'uso che ne fu fatto
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