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Buffalo's Worst Nightmare
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South Side Slopes!? No, it's not a ski resort... it's a city neighborhood. It's a steep, rugged hillside neighborhood on the city's South Side above the bustling Flats district. The wooded hillsides rise above the city, offering panoramic urban views. The slopes are dotted with a unique type of house... a frame form from the late 1800s... one room wide, 2 rooms deep and 3-4 stories tall. The slender, tall houses lend a distinctive character to the slopes, which are visible from many areas of the city. The modest housing was built for immigrant steelworkers, who would descend the slopes via funiculars and an intricate system of staircases that still exists. The steps are one of the neighborhoods defining features... hundreds and hundreds of steps... many officially streets with legal right-of-ways... with housing precariously perched alongside. The road system is narrow, confusing and vertigo-inducing. Pittsburgh is defined by its turbulent topography, and the Slopes take this characteristic to the extreme.

Today the Slopes are finally generating some buzz... with a glowing article in the New York Times last year... new high-end residential construction throughout the neighborhood... and a new breed of urban pioneer dazzled by the views and intrigued by the slopes' character.

Downtown skyscrapers peek over the crest of the hill

Oakland from a Slopes cemetary

Oakland with Billy Buck Hill in the foreground

looking down at some rowhouses on S. 18th St. as it winds towards the Flats

more insane urban views

climbing up the slopes

close-up of Oakland across the Monongahela River

a bifurcated street

a steep front yard

Flats detail

Cathedral of Learning

i can see my favorite coffeeshop from here

don't lose your footing

Birmingham Bridge

Carnegie Mellon University

Oakland skyline

West Oakland randomness... check out those houses on the left


couple of mountain goats

every way is up

i heart insulbrick

tall houses with seemingly random window placement

i'll take the Veal Sweetbreads with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Leeks and Morels

Flats detail

the redeveloped Lower Hill

a former convent... now secular

that church went condo last year

don't know the status of this one... there's a big cluster of religious buildings on Pius St.

houses along St. Michael St.... only accessible by staircase

Monastery St.

S. 18th is the Slopes' main thoroughfare

Flats rooftops

new construction taking a few cues from the traditional stock

more new construction

slopes from Mt. Washington

the condo church

slopes from West End Overlook

slopes from Spring Hill

slopes from Flats

slopes from Herron Hill

Told you so...
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They ought to measure Pittsburgh's land area not by horizontal square miles, but by area along the slope. It's probably a good 30% higher!

They also should warn people who need to avoid stenuous activity (due to a heart condition or whatever) to avoid this neighborhood by all means!

I like the sharpness and detail that the "aerial" neighborhood shots bring out. Ones like the 26th (with the bridge) and 37th (with the skyline backdrop) in particular. They look, well duh, very "Ohio Valley"-ish.

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It's certainly rugged, but it's a very unique neighborhood because of its inclines and hills and elevations! Me and my friend took a tour of this area and we thought it reminded us a lot of being in Hamilton, Ontario on the top of the mountain and looking at the Hamilton skyline, similar to Pittsburgh! Awesome pics! You do a fantastic representing this great city.

Martijn V M
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what a beautiful city!! the hills, the houses , the skyline , chruch.....downtown...everything it's amazing.....i don't know what it is but i really like this city.......when i see the pictures....Damn i need money ......
I wanna ga to the usa......
i love it.....

Where can i find more about Pittsburgh? And the rest of PA?
*PM Me....*

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I have been to Pittsburgh once, and I was truly amazed at what I really is one of the more interestingly positioned cities in the USA. The combination of the hills, the tight valleys, the architecture is truly unique and at times spectacular.

One thing I did note about Pittsburgh, which is clearly seen in the photos, is that it has to be one of the uglier places in the USA with respect to overhead utility lines. Almost every street it seems is a tangled mess of power and telephone lines, with telephone poles sicking out at odd angles to the ground. At times, it all comes together like a random mess. If Pittsburgh could attack this overhead blight, it would truly be stunning.

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