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PLEASE BE THERE on May 18 2005!!

I am new and from what I have been reading, a good part of this forum wants the Twins back. Tommorow May 18, will be a very important day for all of us, as Trump will hold a PUBLIC press confrence at 10:45am at his office at 725 5th Avenue office. By being public, anyone who wishes to be there can be there, so please bring all the WTC posters you can and show the press "NY WANTS THE TWIN TOWERS". This will show a powerful message to "King" George Pataki and his horrendous Freedom Tower. PLEASE BE THERE!! REMEMBER AT on may 18 at10:45 AM at 725 5th Avenue, only if you want the Twin Towers back.
Heres more info from the NY POST

"May 17, 2005 -- ALBANY — Donald Trump, escalating his war against the "empty skeleton" Freedom Tower, will offer his own design for a rebuilt 111-story "World Trade Center" at Ground Zero at a press conference tomorrow.
"We have a beautiful model that has been built, a very big model," Trump told The Post yesterday.

"We took the original World Trade Center design, brought it into the modern age, made it more beautiful than ever before, made it one story taller, made it higher lined, and took out the architectural weaknesses that were there.

"We also strengthened the building internally so that what happened on 9/11 could never happen again," Trump added.

Trump, who made international news earlier this month when he told The Post that Gov. Pataki should scrap the Freedom Tower plan in favor of rebuilding the WTC towers one story taller, said he expected the public to rally behind his proposal.

"I hope the reaction from the public will cause the political establishment to do what everyone wants to be done, rebuild the World Trade Center, taller and stronger," he said.

Trump said his new WTC will be more aesthetically interesting than the old one.

"Some people thought it was too monolithic. We've put on a higher lined curtain wall, which will make the exterior much more vivid and beautiful," Trump said.

Pataki said last week that he plans to unveil the new Freedom Tower design next month, after it has been modified to meet NYPD security concerns.

Ground Zero developer Larry Silverstein, who is having Freedom Tower architect David Childs revamp his original design, could not be reached for comment.

In an interview with The Post earlier this month, Trump ripped Ground Zero master planner Daniel Libeskind.

"The design for the Freedom Tower is an egghead design, designed by an egghead, which has no practical application and which, frankly, didn't look very good," Trump said at the time.

"I've gotten great reviews on my buildings. I'm somebody who believes strongly in great architecture, and this [the Freedom Tower] was a design that is just not a good design," he added.

Trump, meanwhile, said he had become all the more convinced of the need to rebuild the WTC during a recent flight to New York.

"I was flying over the Statue of Liberty, and I said to myself, 'You know, if that ever came down, they wouldn't replace it with something that didn't look like the Statue of Liberty.'

"To replace the World Trade Center with a skeleton of all things is the worst thing in the world, it's replacing it with an inferior product."

Trump said he had a "huge" reaction to his initial proposal to dump the Freedom Tower, receiving over 1,000 letters in support of rebuilding the WTC.

He said he expected an even greater public response when he unveils the new model"

As it says in the final line, Trumps expects a huge support and and he has my support.

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NewYorkMantle said:
I wish I could go but I have school - Otherwise, I definately would.
Not to worry, if you are in this situation then call and write Trump expressing your support. The important thing is that he needs to know that we like the plan, heres the info, write to him at:

Mr.Donald Trump
CEO,Trump Organization
725 5th Avenue
New York,NY 10022

and heres the phone# (212) 832-2000 (I recommend doing both calling and writing)
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