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So, what's your point after all? I still can't see the point. What do you want to tell us?

You have to understand, that Russia is NOT a western country and it's very silly to expect it to follow your rules and conceptions.

For example:
If you're a *** - you may be beaten here.
If you're a churka - you may be despised here.
If you're a foreigner - you may be told to f*ck off from the country. Literally.
If you're an idiot - expect that people will tell it to you openly.

No political correctness, no tolerance and no democracy.
Russia is total, limitless freedom, youth and hardcore.
You have to grow up and have a taste to understand it.

Hey guys,

just wanna add something to your discussions. I have lived in Europe for 7 years now and I have been around, seen different countries and places. There are always people who bitch about their situation for so many reasons, and there are always those that want to change the world. I am pretty sure that every second American or Canadian or whoever will be throwing arguments to my face in case I say something about problems in their countries. It is complitely normal and understandable.

Currently, I stay in the Czech Republic. The Czechs as a nation use every single moment to show off their czech origin, their history, their acheevments and so on. And most of the times they are trying to give some "hot speech" about Russia.
I usually smile...... and then just say: in the last 5 years we have built about 30 hospitals and reconstructed about 5000 medical institutions, what have you done? Built sidewalks and supermarkets? What about planes, nuclear icebreakers, spaceships, nuclear stations, social standards and maturnity leave, birth rates etc?

Well, when they say: we have all of that, I will be talking with them as equal, but now...there is nothing difficult in being german China and take the EU funds money ;)

If you have a different opinion, I am glad to hear it)
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