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Polish Public Railways Group ( )

1. - PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe - PKP PLK - railway system, lines and stations ( PL: EN: )

Railways in Poland:

2. - PKP Cargo - cargo transport, trains, locomotives and drivers for others parts of PKP Group ( EN: )

3. - PKP Przewozy Regionalne - PKP PR - regional trains and fast trains between city's ( )

3.1 Regional trains in Malopolska (Cracow) (green car in 2nd line - typical carriage of 2nd class of PKP PR fast train; blue car in 2nd line - PKP IC) :

3.2 Regional train from Lodzkie (Lodz). In use on line Lodz - Skierniewice

3.3 Regional trains in Pomorskie (Gdynia,Gdask)

3.4 Regional trains in Lubelskie (Lublin)

3.5 Regional trains in Podkarpackie (Rzeszów)

3.6 Regional trains in Slask (Katowice,Częstochowa)

3.7 Regional trains in Opolskie (Opole)

3.8 Reginal trains in Dolnośląskie (Wroclaw)

3.9 Regional trains in Lubuskie (Zielona Góra,Gorzow)

3.10 Regional trains in Wielkopolskie (Poznan)

3.11 Regional trains in Swietokrzyskie (Kielce)

3.12 Regional trains in Podlaskie (Białystok,Suwałki)

3.13 Regional trains in Kujawsko-Pomorskie (Bydgoszcz,Torun)

3.14 Regional trains in Warminsko-Mazurskie (Olsztyn)

3.15 Regional trains in Zachodnio-Pomorskie (Szczecin,Koszalin)

3.16 Regional trains in Mazowieckie (Warsaw) - PKP KM

4. - PKP Kolej Mazowiecka - PKP KM - in 49% it's PKP PR and in 51% it's Mazowickie voivodeship - regional trains at Mazowieckie voivodeship (

5. - PKP Intercity - PKP IC - fast and high speed trains in Poland and not only ( )

6. - PKP Wars - part of PKP IC, hotel cars, cars with sleeping places, restaurant cars ( )

7. - PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa - PKP LHS - based on width railway made from Poland to ZSRR - cargo trains (
Slawkow (south-west Poland) - Sedziszow - Zamosc (east Poland) - Hrubieszow

8. - PKP Szybka Kolej Miejska w Trójmieście - PKP SKM 3CITY - fast (heavy) city train in TirCity ( )

9. - PKP Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa - PKP WKD - light train from Grodzisk Maz. to Warsaw center ( )
37km & 28stations


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The map of the railway lines is dated 1953 and it does not include the "CMK" line. I am fairly sure that many of the local lines shown on this map are now out of service. How about a map from 2007 for contrast.

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Some news about new contracts for modernisation of railway lines from the site of Ministry of Transport.

„The contracts, we have signed today, are very important for local communities as well as all Poland”, said Minister of Transport Jerzy Polaczek during the ceremony of signing the contract for modernisation of Railway line No. 9: Warszawa – Gdańsk, section: Warszawa Wschodnia – Legionowo and modernisation of Nasielsk Station, and also modernisation of Railway line No. 8, part I section I: Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Okęcie and construction of junction line: Warszawa Służewiec – Lotnisko Okęcie.

Minister J. Polaczek also stressed that both contracts are in compliance with the draft acts amending the act on commercialisation, restructuring and privatisation of „Polish State Railways” and railway transport act adopted by the Council of Ministers this week. Thanks to mechanisms for reduction of liabilities in PKP Regional Services included in the acts, the acts are also important for PKP Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK).

The Minister also declared to direct the draft amendment on railway transport under the debate of the Council of Ministers, which will aim to, as the special road act does, focus investments on railway lines. The act will allow for easier decision-making on railway lines localisation, better legal safety of investments, shorter time limits for appeals and reduction of beaurocracy in the process of railway lines localisation.

Modernisation works on section: Warszawa Wschodnia – Nasielsk are oriented to increase safety of railway traffic, punctuality and reliability of passenger and cargo carriages, and make trains travel quicker. The contract is estmated at 151,467,479.52 EUR (net), including EU funding (Cohesion Fund) – 84%.

The modernisation will aim to reconstruct and extend rail surface and infrastructure, construct and reconstruct of 10 platforms, reconstruct 15 engineering facilities, construct telecommunication facilities, and extend and modernise steering facilities for railway traffic. The works should end within 20 months.

President of PKP PLK Executive Board Krzysztof Celiński thanked the Minister of Transport for new regulations that allow for efficient implementation of the investment. After having signed the contracts, during the press conference Krzysztof Celiński assured that the modernisation of Line E65: Warszawa – Gdynia before EURO 2012 would increase the speed of passenger trains up to 200km/h for trains with movable rolling stock and to 160km/h for classic rolling stock, and cargo trains to 120km/h. Travelling time on section: Warszawa – Gdynia will get shorter to 163 minutes (133 minutes for trains with movable rolling stock).

Construction works under the second contract on section: Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Okęcie will aim to replace rail surface and rail tracks16.2km long, and 26 junctions, replace traction, steering facilities for railway traffic and communication 21.5km long, construct two additional rail tracks between Warszawa A. Jerozolimskie and Warszawa Zachodnia, renovate and reconstruct engineering facilities, construct two additional passenger stops: Warszawa Al. Jerozolimskie and Warszawa Żwirki i Wigury, and construct two delivering rail tracks at stations: Warszawa Wschodnia for passenger trains that serve International Airport Okęcie. The works are estimated at 204,916,022.41 PLN (net). They will be financed by European Regional Development Fund and state budget. The works will end within 11 months.

PKP PLK representatives emphasised that the project was supported by the Ministry of Transport during its research phase.

These are second so big contracts for modernisation of railway lines signed by PKP PLK within the last two weeks. Last week, four contracts for modernisation of rail tracks on section: Skierniewice – Łódź Widzew, rail tracks 117km rail tracks from Siedlce to Terespol, and replacement of rails 13km long on section: Zawiercie – Katowice and rail surface 31.7km from Katowice to Żywiec, and also between Katowice and Pszczyna. The contracts are estimated at more than 500 mln PLN.

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Until 1945 in southern Silesia ( southern Poland) between Wroclaw and Goerlitz numerous railway lines were operated electrically by the former German National Railroad company, the former German Reichsbahn ( until 1945 Silesia was a part of Germany). The lines were electrified with the standard system used for electric trains in Germany (single phase AC, 15 kV, 16.67 cycles per second). In 1945 the installations were dismantled by Soviet occupants. However many masts used for carrying the overhead wires were not dismantled. Some of these masts were latter used by the Polish National Railway Company in the 1960ies for reelectrification of some of these lines with 3 kV DC, the standard power system of the Polish National Railway Company, while others remained functionless. Furthermore still of the former substation buildings are standing, but used today otherwise. For example the building of former Ruhbank substation is today a saw mill.
For the transport of the electric power to the substations, special powerlines with two single phase AC circuits with a voltage of 80 kV were built ( in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the national railway companies operate a high voltage power grid for single phase AC 16.67 Hertz). These lines are still standing, but today used for three phase AC ( 1 circuit) as the 3 kV DC for the Polish railways is generated from three phase AC in the substations.

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There's also high speed rail included on this map, which should be ready till 2020 (500 kms). Vmax = 300

---- RED LINE --> High speed rail,

Line E-65 Gdynia - Gdańsk - Warszawa under modernization, costs: 1,3-1,5 bln euros, time: 2008-2012/13, Vmax after modernization = 160/200 km/h

Line E-30 Wrocław - Katowice - Kraków under modernization (almost 700 kms), costs: around 1,5 bln euros, time: 2008-2012/13

Line E-20 Warszawa - Terespol under modernization (700 kms) time: 2008-2012/13 Vmax = 160

PART 2 Tomorrow...

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GREEN LINES - those modernizations suppose to finish before may 2012

YELLOW LINES - modernizations in years: 2007-2015

Line Łódź - Kalisz: under modernization

Line Łódź - Warszawa: under modernization

Line E-59 Poznań - Wrocław: under modernization

Line E-59 Poznań-Szczecin-Świnoujście: under modernization

More updates, photos and PART 3...not tomorrow but very soon :cheers:

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But Olawa station (block quoted from mikeleg) is neither on Lodz - Warszawa, nor Wroclaw - Poznan line :lol:

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Actus ED74



Stadler Flirt

New Flirts w8ing in a factory

14 WE


More photos of intercity:

EN 57 (after small modernization)

EN 57 (before small modernization ;) )

Small 'thing' called szynobus, they're used in local transport...

Bigger 'szynobus' in Krakow

Many types of 'szynobus'








More photos and infos later...

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Unfortunately most of Polish trains are very old and its condition is rather bad and I do not mean its technical condition but visual and its clean. Train stations in Poland are dirty and disabled persons not friendly. It is also not integrated with city public transport. Polish State Railways is one of the most inefficient public sector in Poland. And what is sad changes in this sector are slowly.

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What is the fastest speed on the current Poland rail network?
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