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POLAND | Urban Transport Compilation

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I don´t know why but I am a big Poland fan in the last time. :)

Let´s make a Thread about new trams, buses, subways, infastructure etc. in Poland

I´ll start...







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hmm, I can see them...!

Is there someone else who can´t see them.
I cant see them either.

The only reason you see them, is because they are in your cache.
No, that´s not the problem. I tried it on other computers as well. Parents, friends...!
It works. I think it´s more a browser problem!

I´m using at the moment because my account at is exceeded.

hmm, I don´t know what to do now!
Maybe it works only while you are logged in with your private GMX account.

Try hosting the pictures at
I´m ready now! I hope it works.

Can you see the pictures now?
Very nice photos. I am born in Swinoujscie, near Szcecin. That name is allways hard to pronounce. Well, mooved to Norway when I was five years old.

Well, Szcecin is at the size of Oslo, and got such nice tramsystem! I am a bit shamed of Oslo tramsystem,... But it has some good things, like now there is 5 and 10 min schedule on all lines.

More pics from Poland please :)
You want more?
You get more! :)


more soon...!
Solaris buses in Warsaw:

SKM Warsaw

Poland has got style!!! Atleast its starting to look as a modern country. I am living in Swinoujscie, so there is only busses. But from the border, there is a German local bath bahn. Which goes from the Polish border to Züssow, where you can take the train to Berlin etc.

Here is a map of the short line:

The trains will in the future go into Swinoujscie center, but this have been a huge debate, since Polish people arent to happy for Germany wanting to buy land of Swinoujscie. This city was German before 1945, so lots of feelings sitts still.

Bardzo dobre zdjenzcie :D <- good? :)
LODZ tram:

1 - 20 of 247 Posts