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Political Promises

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With the rash of political upsets, I keep thinking that eventually the elected will hopefully learn from the mess that their predecessors made.

Sadly, if they actually promised what is needed, not what would make the people vote for them, this country would be in a better financial, service, and infrastructure shape.

My favourite promise: I will lower taxes and increase spending on services.

That is like having your mortgage go up and your pay go down. Something, somewhere has to give.

Lets not use this as a bitch fest. Lets instead use this as a way to talk about realistic problems and solutions in Canada.
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In Ontario the promise to privatise liquor sales has been made before a million elections, but after the election is over the winners have always forgotten to keep their promise! :lol:
In Quebec a promise that is often made before elections is to push for the United Nations to be moved to Montreal. This is not going to happen, of course, but it does excite people before an election, so it is another one that has been frequently made and then dismissed.
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