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I applauded many of the changes. The Navigation Team has been hijacked by a small group of northender’s who should probably be living on Vashon.

As far as “an incredible surge in robberies and homicides” I don’t think the facts support that. According to the Times today, “violent crime is largely down this year in the downtown commercial district, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Chinatown-International District and Sodo compared to 2019 and 2018...”

SWAT teams and the militarization of domestic law enforcement? Good riddance.

I’ll miss the mounted force, but really, what do they add?

I wouldn’t mind at all if they downsized the fleet of those Cartel-wannabe SUV’s and replaced them with foot patrols. Time to act less like an occupation force, and more like Mayberry.

The police union has done a great job negotiating overtime pay on behalf of their members. 374 employees made $200,000 or more, and at least one made over $400k.

No one wants to see defunding, but reallocation to ensure the money goes to those who can best address the myriad of current challenges we face. That may be the fire dept., mental health services, drug intervention and treatment, and a comprehensive case management approach to individuals who fall into the trifecta of mental health, drugs and homelessness.
281 - 281 of 281 Posts