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Pick the correct country!

Poll the country + GTC- 150- Principle of reforestation

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Guess the country and city.

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I go for Russia - Ekatrinenburg maybe?
"Almost a colony" would be something like Mallorca for the Germans :lol:
A German or Italian city in Brazil or Argentina? - But I am still confused by the contrast of soil and vegetation...
Ehm wait, maybe it's in your homlands... Toronto or Vancouver?
Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria?
Belarus is not a colony (only of Moscow :lol: ) but it could be in EE... maybe Kiew or Cisinau because there are a lot of Germans still living from the old times
Don't tell me it's Basel, Geneva or Bruxelles :lol:
:eek: increadable! Okay it's for sure not Zurich ;) But what could be a "German Colony"? Breslau, Gdansk, Graz?
Copenhagen, Warsaw, Rotterdam?
Amsterdam, Den Haag, Strasbourg?
Didn't you say it's an over 500'000 city and the country borders Germany? If Den Haag is the closest and closer than Rotterdam and Amsterdam is out and Bruxelles, Strasbourg, Basel, Zürich or Copenhagen as well as the Polnish cities are wrong, what is left then? Utrecht or Antwerpen?
How someone can come up saying that Paris is a German colony????? That doesn't make sense at all for me, sorry. Or I just misunderstood the whole thread :lol:
Thanks, you are right, especially thinking of Haussmann.

The park maybe is something like "Parque de Cologne" or "Bois Colonial" :lol:
CLEAR! I was even there and made it a cover of a tape of my music nearly 17 years ago :lol:

It's also a song by Joe Dassin ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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