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poor old cumbernauld

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who are the architects for this, does anyone know?
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debate by locals here:

here's a snippet:

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Posted 21-12-05 12:46

I think it's time for action, well a letter or email at least. Contact your MP and MSP at the following sites. Tell them to STOP this Antonine Centre, and tell them what we want for a town centre, but be polite.

MSP: Cathie Craigie MSP

MP: Rosemary McKenna MP
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Maybe people will start liking the old one after this boring lump (which looks almost too much like the new EK one) goes up. At least the people who designed the older one had a bit of imagination...
I think we should strip back the old building to its structure, encompass it in a giant biosphere / dome thingy and create an urban edan centre filled with installations
What the HEll is THAT?! Some sort of ironic statement to out-of-town architecture?! go to development then caumbernauld
shows pic of new shopping center and a plan of center
got to page 2 first thing on there shows the new center and mention reatilers not said before the centres website still being built though
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I was thinking of writing a letter to Keppie asking them if they'd mind just stopping.
Aww... people want to make money. Money employs people. Money would buy me my customised Maserati.
People will also enjoy, unwittingly, the lure of those 'target' stores at either end.
It'll look shiny and new: it'll look like other folks with money to spend 'care' enough about Cumbernauld and its inhabitants to invest their cash here? In Plooksville? Yes, here.

All the while, aesthetes like me love the old newtown Cumbernauld complex megastructure; big brut thing it is, whilst neither living nor shopping there.

The gaps between people's desires and understandings and ways of doing what they're thinking what they're doing is leading them to where they think they want to be and the compromises-taken-as-fact by the foolish. Depresses, or is this just the dullsville scenery that makes us feel spectacular-to-be other?

I dunno.

I do know that the new proposal looks crap ;-)
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Grrr. Repeating previously expressed sentiments, but what fuckwit thought that more of the same was what Cumbernauld needed? Not all of the town centre buildings are part of the original megastructure - Phase 4 to the north of the main road is pretty standard mall type retail accomodation (complete with ugly blockwork bays to the most visible side). And the town is no better for it.

Solidred - I have to say, I don't get what you appreciate. Aesthete? Cumbernauld? The Anderston centre? I love the 1960's/mid 20th C modernism. I could, and have, spend all day looking at Basil Spence or Robert Matthew or Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, or Peter Wormesley or Rowand Anderson, Kinimonth & Paul buildings, to quote a few Scottish examples, but I just don't get what you could appreciate about these deeply flawed, and poorly executed visions. Cumbernauld Phase 1 has got to be one of the most joyless places I have ever been.
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Four top stores signed up for Antonine Centre

Artist impression of the new Antonine Centr

FOUR top chains have confirmed that they will be coming to Cumbernauld after snapping up units at the Antonine Centre which is set to open next May.

Discount music firm Fopp, Costa Coffee, Quiz Clothing and Chinese medicine chain Herbmedic will now be joining other big names such as TK Maxx, Woolworths and Next in the £40 million development. Spanning 350,000 square feet with 3000 parking spaces, the centre will feature 42 shops and will link to the existing town centre complex by a series of lifts, escalators and walkways.
Centre development director Geoff Springer of London & Regional Properties said this week: "We now have about 18 or 19 units let out of a total of 34 so we are more than 50 per cent there much earlier than we expected.
"We have another four or five major lettings underway at the moment and we are confident that the centre will be hugely popular with retailers and shoppers,'' he added.
And that view was reinforced by the centre's letting agents Cushman & Wakefield who are working alongside another major agency, Montagu Evans, to fill the remaining units.
Stephen Gunn of Cush-man & Wakefield said that he was confident that the level of investment would lure local shoppers away from locations like Glasgow and Falkirk back to Cumbernauld.
"Lettings are going well in the Antonine Centre as retailers recognise the potential of the large Cumbernauld catchment. The centre will reduce local residents shopping in neighbouring towns and dramatically improve the retailer offer in Cumber-nauld,'' said Mr Gunn.
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Herbmedic you say??
Costa Coffee?
Haud me back!
Those new renders looks like Runcorn Shopping Centre....

The funny thing is there already is somewhere called the Antonine Centre in Cumbernauld :eek:hno:

But hey, what the hell lets called the new shed by the same name.:bash:
Looks like some logistics depot from the outside. They should just start again. At 150 metre skyscraper wouldnt go a miss either :)
The funny thing is there already is somewhere called the Antonine Centre in Cumbernauld :eek:hno:

But hey, what the hell lets called the new shed by the same name.:bash:
Uggghhhh. Where is the current Antonine Centre anyway? I thought it rang a bell but I can't picture were it is/would be.


Erebus, in a town like Cumbernauld, stranger things have happened... :)
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Six more sign in Cumbernauld

River Island, Henderson Jewellers and Zumo are the latest three retailers to sign up for London & Regional Properties' 350,000-sq ft Antonine Centre in Cumbernauld, which opens on 4 May 2007. And lettings to Autonomy, Subway and Birthdays are in solicitors' hands.

Other lettings have already been agreed with Dunnes Stores; TK Maxx; Next; Tesco (which is already trading) and Woolworths.

Cushman & Wakefield and Montagu Evans are joint letting agents.
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With news as exciting as that, they'll be dancing on the streets of Antonine tonight.
Did anyone else read that bag of cr*p letter in Prospect a month or so ago from the Head of Property at North Lanarkshire Council regarding Cumbernauld?
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