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POPRAD | Arena

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Wow, great design! It fits there very well..Is that facade made of wood or is it something else?
Qtya has a point there! Ok, its an Arena, but could You give any farther infos about it? Pourpose? Capacity?
What is that? An ice-hockey stadium? It looks rather like a shopping mall.


* Poprad, Juh 3, Uherova street.
* The hall is for 2000 spectators.
* The main place for competition - area has 1650 m2 – the dimension is 33x50 m.
* For a training there is one small hall inside.
* In the hall is restaurant, internet, rest – rooms, dressing – rooms...
* The hall is open to imobile persons.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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