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Population Control Issues

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Philippines population to hit 107 million in 2018

MANILA, Philippines — From 105.53 million last year, the country’s population will rise to 107.19 million by the end of 2018, the Commission on Population (PopCom) said yesterday.

Citing projections by the Philippine Statistics Authority based on the latest census in 2015, PopCom executive director Juan Antonio Perez III said the population was estimated to grow to 107,190,081 by Dec. 31 from 105,377,586 in 2017.

Perez said the increase would be boosted by some 1.8 million babies expected to be born this year, representing a growth rate of 1.69 percent.

“That means we will be adding 4,953 Filipinos per day, or 206 every hour in 2018,” he told The STAR.

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Nakikinig ako sa online sa isang AM Radio Station dyan sa atin at merong news in between, ang news eh regarding sa Fabella Hospital and how they greeted the new year baby. Then narinig ko ang sinabi sa nanay, panglimang anak. Mapapailing ka nalang.

We really need to implement the RH Law and educate the poor as much as we can.
Catholic Priests don't have kids, don't have sex, don't pay taxes but for some reason they love to get involve on how to make babies, how to have sex and most importantly how the state should operate. Go figure.

To be fair with H if he doesn't want to have kids then leave him be. Let's accord him the very same thing he likes to deny the poor families regarding having kids... the right to have choices.
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I see what you did there. hahaha Celibacy is a thing they love to advertise but all bets are off outside the public eyes. Si father na maraming sinalantang batang lalake, si father na may anak at si father na kukuha ng serbisyo ng isang menor de adad na batang babae. Hypocrites to the bones.
I beg to disagree on that "don't have kids, don't have sex" thing. :D But that "don't pay taxes" part, your are 101% right. :yes:
Tanga naman nitong CBCP secular nga eh tapos gospel education.
I've said this before.

Pareng walang anak pero gustong masunod kung paano magpalaki ng anak
Pareng walang pamilya pero gustong masunod kung paano magpalakad ng pamilya
Pareng walang sex (kunyari totoo to) pero gustong masunod kung paano magsex
Pareng madaming tagong bakla pero gustong magkait ng karapatan sa mga bakla
Pareng madaming kasong tinatago pero gustong magsabi na dapat lagi kang tapat
Pareng di nagbabayad ng tax pero nuknukan ng pakialamero sa estado.
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