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Population Control Issues

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Philippines population to hit 107 million in 2018

MANILA, Philippines — From 105.53 million last year, the country’s population will rise to 107.19 million by the end of 2018, the Commission on Population (PopCom) said yesterday.

Citing projections by the Philippine Statistics Authority based on the latest census in 2015, PopCom executive director Juan Antonio Perez III said the population was estimated to grow to 107,190,081 by Dec. 31 from 105,377,586 in 2017.

Perez said the increase would be boosted by some 1.8 million babies expected to be born this year, representing a growth rate of 1.69 percent.

“That means we will be adding 4,953 Filipinos per day, or 206 every hour in 2018,” he told The STAR.

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BAket Indonesia lang, India dapat ang goals! one billion ,mabiles yan ma attain, dahil me compounding effect yan.
Nalagpasan na yata natin ang Mexico, so next target habulin ang Indonesia sa population... :lol:
Kaya yan , baka isang taon lang, punuin lahat ng isla ng PIlipinas!
Hindi pa naman, ang estimated population ng Mexico ay 123M
how about yung isang show sa tv tungkol sa nanay na alam na meron silang hereditary disease na nagiging crippled lahat ang anak niya, naganak ng isa naging cripled ang anak niya, hirap na hirap ang bata, naganak na naman ng pangalawa hirap na hirap ule anak niya dahil sa sakit nito, mahirap lang sila at walang pangpagamot sa anak hanggang sa umabot sa anim ang anak nila na me pare parehong saket. Diyos ko kung hindi ka maawa sa sarile mo sa anak mo na lang. KUng alam mong magkakasaket ang anak mo dahil hereditary ang disease sa lahi niyo baket ka pa magaanak ng anim? that's pure selfishness and carelessness.
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panay Libog ang pinapairal tapos magtataka kung baket mahirap buhay nila, bigyan lahat ng TV mga yan at putulan ng internet. No. one user ng porn hub :eek:hno:
totoo na kaya yan, it takes five years from conception to execution.
Sa harap ng major hotel sa Cebu me mga pamilyang nakatira sa kalye sa kalye sila nakatira pero ang dami pa rin nilang anak, yung mga bata nagkalat sa kalye at madungis nakahubad namamalimos at pinepeste mga turista. mga bata nakakalat sa kalye na parang mga daga. hindi mo to makikita sa mga ibang bansa.
Bakit Hindi eto kinukop2x Ng simbahang katoliko ang mga street kids sa cebu naka higa sa labas Ng simbahan nila?

Multiply pa more?
Pag hindi napagaral yang mga bata yan, liability yan ng State. HIndi lang sila ang apektado lahat ng mamamayan apektado lalaki yang mga criminal , yung mga babae naman magiging biktima ng trafficking. Kaya walang pake na mamayan at govt. official sa lumalalang sitwasyon mga manhid na kayo sa kahirapan? Buhay pa ba si Erap baket di siya pumunta diyan sterillize yung mga magulang at kunin ang mga bata.

Nagtataka lang ako sa ibang bansa pag mga homeless walang mga bata hindi sila nakakagawa ng maraming bata, baket sa PIlipinas pag homeless ang dame nilang anak.
Grabe sa Manila Baywalk,,,
ang daming pamilyang doon na nakatira.
Punta kayo,,, nakakagulat.
True face of hunger and suffering.
Correct si Dan Brown: Manila is the Gates of Hell.

At nagkalat ang mga bata. Maraming-maraming bata.
Sa sitwasyon nila, imposibleng nag-aaral pa sila.
Ano na ang kinabukasan nila pag tanda nila?

Pero di bale, ang importante ay buo ang pamilya at nagmamahalan.

Seriously, I would support a government intervention.
Kunin na ng DSWD ang mga bata.
At warning sa magulang: Pag nag-anak uli sa kayle, kapon na.
Pero warning lang muna.
^^ dagdag mo yung mga Filipinang nagaasawa ng matatandang lalake ng buong mundo. At yung mga nanay sa probinsiya na binebenta mga anak nila sa mga pedophiles ng mga banyaga.
If the chart data materializes , BAngladesh is the one that should be congratulated it seems they're able to manage their pop. to replacement level. In the meantime looks like Phils wants to take their place. Nightmare.
Not only that, life is already cheap in the PHils. Life expectancy is very short ,We should be working on improving the quality of life of the people we currently have not adding millions to it. Life will just continue to get cheaper and you become just a dispensable statistic the bigger the pop. gets.
Anak pa more sa Davao para matulad sa Metro Manila.
At para ma-occupy pati ng mga tao ang forest watersheds,
at maging extinct ang Philippine Eagle.

Tao lang ang may karapatan mag-occupy sa planet Earth,
bawal ang ibang species.

Yang ibang species na yan, ginawa lang sila ng Dyos para kainin natin.
Mga pagkain lang sila (pwede rin gawin damit, bag, belt at sapatos).

Kaya anak pa more!


Why don't you just forget about wanting to be Latino,Chinese, KOrean Japanese whatever, just be proud and accept what you are a Filipino! You can still work on self improvement as a Filipino.
It is in fact a matter of cultural realism based on geopolitical and historical evidences. The Philippines cannot afford to bandwagon with any East Asian countries whose citizens and governments are not going to openly embrace what they consider "monkeys" from Southeast Asia like the Philippines.

The whole identity of the Filipino nation rest upon the legacies of more than three centuries of Spanish colonization. No any amount of Chinese or Japanese influences are going to trample that cultural backbone laid down by the Spaniards.

That's cultural appropriation at the macro level as just because China and Japan are the major economies within Asian region, we have to bandwagon them too through speaking their languages. Chinese and Japanese are intolerant with outsiders especially Southeast Asians speaking their languages. Why are we going to be Chinese or Japanese where we can be a unique Hispano-Asian country through having Spanish as our lingua franca?

Leave Chinese, Japanese, and even Korean languages for their people alone; don't mess them by mimicking their language to the extent of ridicule.

The whole "Asian" ethnocultural level is a farce one, without considering individual Asian countries economic, cultural, political, religious, and social differences. Our country cannot be lumped together with any Confucian-influenced countries unless our country is being swamped by Chinese immigrants as most Sinophile Pinoy SSC users want.

The differences between us and Indochina and Indonesia was that ours was culturally, politically, and religiously constructed by Spanish colonizers and without Spanish colonizers, our country we have right now would have not been in existence.
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You should read some of the writings of Einstein here.

I think the problem with a lot of young Filipinos like yourself is there are not enough mentors, that you have lost confidence and belief in yourself. I understand as I suffered from this also growing up but as I became an adult I realized how foolish it was . I realized self worth ,believing in yourself is the number one thing that you must attain first in order to realize your potential. Stop this Chinese envy and just be proud and accept whatever you are and work on your own self improvement. I wish there were more adult Filipino mentors who are successful in their field to guide these young Filipinos who have no one to look up to, to give them confidence.

Iba ang may pakinabang sa walang may pakinabang .. chinese has the money
The Only difference ..they do not eat "pagpag" .. unlike those of a small poor family of 6-8 children

I on the other hand welcome those chinese citizens.. para mahaluan naman tayo ng progressive genes...
Why would you want to act and speak like the subjugators who raped and oppressed your ancestors when you already had your own culture and language. crazy
For me, to be a real Filipino is to be multilingual or polyglot like José Rizal and since Rizal spoke Spanish as his primary language during the most of his lifetime, then every Filipino should follow Rizal by speaking Spanish and act like a Latino.
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I cannot stop speaking in English because this site is in English . It's the fault of the Spaniards for not wanting to share the locals their language for fear that it will lead to an uprising, while the Americans came and did exactly the opposite built schools and taught English to the Filipinos. NO it's not inevitable that you will be absorbed by the Anglos or the Hispanos you can create your own identity.
Using your logic, then stop speaking English too. Americans were no different from Spaniards in terms of atrocities toward native Filipinos.

The fact is that the Philippines was a colonial creation and its whole national identity cannot be revolved around single ethnolinguistic group over the other one. Without Spanish colonization, the Philippines would have not been in existence today and would have been composed of separate sultanates and rajanates with different cultures, economies, languages, or religions.

With regards to Philippine cultural discourses, nativists (Tagalog or Visayan) are much worse than Hispanistas and Anglosajonistas.

With globalization, it is inevitable that cultures and languages with lesser population clout have to be absorbed by any dominant cultures and better to embrace the inevitable that Tagalog, Visayan, Ilocano, and others will somewhat vanish through acculturation with the Anglosphere or Hispanosphere.
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Why should I customize it to Spanish , Portuguese and Polish when I don't speak any of those languages,. I have an advantage in that I somehow know how to speak and write in English why make it harder on myself :lol: The international language of business is English not Spanish.

I have a better source ,a real live person My grandparents and great grandparents who told me exactly that the master Spaniards didn't want to teach the locals their language so they can keep their secrets to themselves. We have BPO support industry because we can speak English . OUr ofws would not be in demand if they didn't speak English. Stop romanticizing it, our Spanish colonizers had their chance but didn't want to share their language so the result is masses who are not versed in Spanish. I don't even know how any Filipino can defend and justify a colonizer, to go to a foreign land who already has their own culture and language and then declare it as theirs controlling the people in that land, that sounds like forced slavery and thievery to me. and you say what would have happened to the people of Philippines if the colonizers never came and made a country of us, who knows? you're just really hypotisizing ,Thailand was never colonized and they turned out fine.
You know nothing indeed about features of this site where you can customize it into Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish.

Stop perpetuating the myth that public education system was founded by the Americans. Local historians today have already acknowledged that the founding date of modern public education system was on December 20, 1863 when Queen Isabella II issued a decree establishing public schools across the country with Spanish and local languages were mediums and in fact, it worked as those who were educated under 1863 reform revolted against the excesses of Spanish friars when they emerged into political scene by 1890s. Spanish public education system in the Philippines was so advanced compared to its contemporaries in Asia, as Filipinos had options to learn foreign languages like English, French, Latin, and others while under American public education system, it was entirely done in English.

Had Spanish public education system been continued until today, our country would have been a truly bilingual Spanish-Tagalog/Cebuano/Ilocano country like in Catalonia region of Spain and Paraguay.

On the other hand, we cannot avoid the force of cultural and linguistic homogenization brought by increasingly advanced communications, transportation, and trade linkages.
Ha ha I just remembered this thread again, yes my Grandparents were not well enough to have the privilege of being taught the conquerors tounge, guess what so were 99% of the people. Their mistake for not teaching it to the masses , why do you think we have so many bastardized Spanish words like kutsara, tinidor, kabayo, because the masses had to do with what they overheard from the insecure subjugators. Their time in the sun is over . They will have to pay for all the sins of the past. Cosmic karma is unstoppable.

And you are just an American wannabee at best. Speaking certain international language should reflect your grown-up cultural upbringing and it is obvious that Filipino culture is not a derivative from Anglo-American culture nor Filipinos think or act like British or Americans.

Filipinos clearly act and think like Hispanics and all cultural, political, and religious attributes are more in common with Latin America not United States or Great Britain.

American or British fantards are equally worse as Tagalog or Visayan cultural nativists.

Maybe your family wasn't that well-off enough during late Spanish or early American colonial rule, no wonder your great grandparents said that. My family from both sides of my father and mother served as cabeza de barangays and to serve such was to have adequate Spanish language proficiency.

Let me ask one thing, do you think Emilio Aguinaldo would have joined Katipunan had he never become a proficient Hispanophone and become a cabeza de barangay?

The whole Philippine Revolution would have not been possible without native educated elites speaking Spanish.

The Philippines would not have protectionist economic provisions in the constitution and would have adopted an open foreign direct investment policy had the Philippines remain Hispanophone instead of trying to be an Anglophone.

Without OFW and BPO revenues due to our English language proficiency, our government would have forced long time ago to open strategic economic sectors like agriculture, mining, oil and gas extraction, and manufacturing to 100% FDI participation like in Colombia or Peru.

OFW and BPO workers and revenues discouraged Philippine economic policy makers to open up the entire economy to 100% foreign investment participation.

Colonization has always been inevitable since the closure of Constantinople to European traders due to Ottoman invasion. It was logical for resource-scarce Europeans that time to find ways to gain access to Asian markets and there, from the fall of Constantinople, colonization of Southeast Asia and the Americas had already been inevitable.

Philippine archipelago was easily colonized because it didn't have single political or cultural identity in the first place and our archipelago was at the periphery from major kingdoms of Asia. Therefore, the entire Filipino nation's existence only became possible by Spanish colonization.

Without Spaniards, the Philippines would have not existed in the first place.
Without Spaniards, the Philippines would have not existed in the first place.
yeah a shithole Philippines is their legacy.
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HAve some sense of shame!
The sudden economic leap in the Philippines are attributed to its younger working population - young upwardly mobile health conscious 18yo to 35yo and middle age unli food indulging 40yo to 65yo (which will be a burden to the Health Service once their hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease & fatty liver making them prone to strokes & heart attacks)... travel & fun loving 70yo levelling up to their Asian & ASEAN neighbours... with the Chinese population from the 1970s predominantly male (Philippines must be at a ready to send female contingent to repopulate the region so learning Mandarin is a must) while Japan got an aging population mostly single individuals from those born in 1980s onward (work driven power hungry) the Nippongo trained nursing and health care specialists should be at a ready to look after the 80yo to 110yo & beyond - so their longevity is a challenge... that leaves Korea (North and South) more upwardly mobile more English speaking than their Filipino counterparts and more travel loving... our engineers should be ready to run the machineries those Koreans will leave as they try to integrate into the Western America and Europe... the Scandinavians with its dwindling population and mostly African & Middle Eastern refugees and Eastern European economic migrants to take over their countries (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) Philippines might be called in to repopulate the vast frozen kingdoms of Elsa and Olaf you just need to be patient and learn languages of the Arctic and be ready to defend it and do armed combat with Russland people... who said that Pilipinos have to control it Birth Rates...
PHilippines a paradise turned to shithole by its people, just walk around everywhere beautiful places you'll find garbage strewn all over. Such a shame no wonder some foreigners call us monkeys.
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yeah monkeys , on how they drive, how they throw garbage left and right have kids without planning.
we Filipinos lack discipline

bakit ba nagkakalat o nagtatapon nalang ng basura ang mga Pilipino kung saan saan?

I will list some cause and effect reasons

1. American influence na carefree sa environment
2. Dugyot lang talaga ang mga Pilipino sa kapaligiran.
3. Hindi naturuan ng wastong pagtatapon ng basura
4. Tamad maghanap ng malapit na basurahan
5. Kulang ang basurahan sa paligid
6. Yung iba ay nasanay na may para linis ng mga kalat nila, o yung may mentality na "may maglilinis naman"
7. Nakakasira ng porma ang pagdadala ng basura / walang lamang pinagkainan / pagdadala ng maliit na kalat sa bag
8. Magtatapon kung saan saan dahil wala namang nakalagay na "bawal magtapon" o kaya naman ay dahil malawak naman ang kapaligiran

I hope you don't blame again on this on "overpopulation"
majority of places in the phils not just Metro Manila it's just amplified in Metro Manila since it's over populated. Have you seen the mountains of garbage brought about by the recent weather disturbance lately??
You must be talking about habits of people in the Metro Manila area?
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