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Detailed master plan - ATKINS

In accordance with the order of the Executive Power of Baku № 415 dated 09.07.2011 the urban development plan of the area between Nobel Avenue, Y. Safarov street, K. Rustamov street and Baku Bay called Port District was developed in the framework of Baku White City project. The area was used for the storing and processing of oil products by the oil industry for many years. This caused environmental pollution in the area. The development concept of the site was created in accordance with the rules of modern urban planning, to create social infrastructure and environmentally perfect area. Port District will extend the waterfront boulevard to 1.7 km.


With the total area of 74 Hectares and Coastline length of 5712 meters Port District has a panoramic view of the the changing city skyline and Caspian Sea. The site has a strategic location at the heart of modern Baku, that provides the unique opportunity for the creation of one of the world’s iconic waterside regeneration projects.
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