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:banana: Tram reservations:banana:

Need a ride for two to Pill Hill? Call the doctor today at OHSU to reserve a standing-room spot on the tram's opening weekend Jan. 27-28. Rides are free from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. To reserve a spot, call 503-418-TRAM after 10 a.m. today.

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I like the look of the Manhattan!

but then again lately i have been liking the look of ANY highrise building in our area because i want it to go UP UP UP

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height is good, the fact that it is only a 7500 sq ft flooplan (the John Ross is 12,500) with the same height of the JR, it is gonna be impressive.

Considering this is coming from LRS architects, I was expecting less...

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We should start a project listing like they have in other forums

is there a particular site where you can get info on the various projects going on in the area? or are you just finding these on their own project websites?

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I've spent a lot of time tracking developments over on SSP. Almost 3000 posts actually. There is a really active Portland element and so between the about 10 of us daily posters and countless other occasional visitors, we check the developers and architects websites, PortlandOnline that posts upcoming design reviews and city council considerations, and sometimes just various blogs like Portland Architecture. If there is information on a development in Portland, one of us will usually find it. Dougall has even found the Broadway Tower rendering that isn't public, and that rendering was pulled off the website shortly after he brought it to the board.

I'm gonna have to visit the other threads here, I'm not sure how other cities list their developments on this board...over on the oooother side, we just start a new thread and the discussion usually keeps the most important developments within the first couple pages.

PDXStreetcar has been maintaining this list, is this what you mean? (It looks better here)

pdxstreetcar said:
Portland Projects (Major Private & Public Investments) as of January 6, 2006

Please feel free to add to or question list.

Bold names are high rise towers
Green highlighted names are LEED buildings (probably not all listed)

Under Construction:
Downtown including the West End:
'Benson Tower' - 26-story tower - 143 condominiums - Spring 2007 - SW 11th & Clay
'Eliot Tower' - 18-story tower - 223 condominiums - Spring 2006 - SW 10th/11th & Jefferson 2nd Thread on Project 3rd Thread on Project
First Presbyterian Church Underground Garage & Plaza - SW 12th & Morrison

Pearl District including the Brewery Blocks:
'The Metropolitan' 19-story condominium tower - Summer 2007 - NW 10th & Lovejoy 2nd Thread on Project 3rd Thread on Project
'The Cronin' - 15-story condominium tower - 250 units - 175 feet - Summer 2007 - NW 12th & Marshall 2nd Thread on Project
'The Casey' - 16-story, 52 unit condominium tower - NW 12th & Everett
'Waterfront Pearl' - Two 10-story condominium towers - 1200 NW Naito Pkwy - Summer 2007 2nd Thread on Project
'Riverscape' - 195 townhouses (late 2005/early 2006)
'Crane Building' - Warehouse conversion to condominiums - NW 14th & Irving
Portland Armory Theater - Conversion to Theater for 'Portland Center Stage' - Spring 2006
Bridgeport Brewery & Brewpub Renovation - Spring 2006

'The Strand' - Two 11-story + One 13-story condominium towers + townhouses - 250 units - Spring 2007

NW Portland/Nob Hill including Uptown:
Thurman Street Lofts - 4-story loft building, 16 units (December 2005)
'The Vaux' - 4-story condominium building - Summer 2006 - NW 24th & Raliegh
Cambridge Condos & Townhouses - 5-story building - 73 units
Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital - NW 20th & Pettygrove
NW 20th & Pettygrove Townhouse Project January 2006

South Waterfront/North Macadam/River Blocks:
'Atwater Place' (Block 34) - 28-story condominium tower - 226 ft high - 309 units - Fall 2007
'John Ross' (Block 35) - 35-story, 325 ft condominium tower - 268 units - Summer 2007
'The Meriwether' - 21-story + 24-story towers, 246 condominiums - Spring 2006
'OHSU Building One' - 16-story tower, 400,000 sq ft of educational office, research laboratories, outpatient practice, wellness center - Summer 2006 2nd Thread on Project
OHSU Aerial Tram (SoWa to Marquam Hill) - Sept. 30, 2006
Portland Streetcar Gibbs Extension - RiverPlace to SoWa - 0.6 mile Extension - Opening Fall 2006

Stadium District
'The Civic' - 16-story condominium tower + 6-story apartment building - Summer 2007

East Side:
'Andria Condominiums' - SE 42nd & Belmont - 4 story building, 27 condominiums
Hollywood Station TOD - 24 hr Fitness complex
'The Standpoint' - SE 12th & Taylor - 4 story building, condomiums (Aug 2005?)
'New Columbia' - North Portland - 850 unit development of single family, townhouses and "stacked flats"
Interstate Ave. New Seasons Supermarket (North Portland)
'The Trolley Barn' Sellwood District townhouse project
11 story Providence Hospital cancer center

PSU University District:
'PSU NW Center for Engineering, Science & Technology' - SW 4th & Harrison - 5 story classroom/laboratory building

Marquam Hill/OHSU Campus:
OHSU Patient Care Facility
OHSU Biomedical Research Building

Outer Eastside & Airport
'The Elements' Gateway Station Transit-Oriented Development 14-Building Complex 2nd Thread on Project 3rd Thread on Project
'Cascade Station' Retail Project (Airport)
IKEA - CascadeStation location (Airport area) 2nd Thread on Project
Banfield Pet Hospital HQ NE 82nd Ave. (NE Portland)
887 NE 102nd Avenue and NE Pacific (Gateway) - 4-story retail and office building
Columbia Knoll - NE Portland: 82nd & Sandy - 118 apartments + 205 senior housing units

Portland Misc.:
'Big Pipe' Sewer Project (Pearl, Downtown, Riverplace, SoWa)

Outside Portland:
St. Vincent's Hospital Expansion near Sunset TC (Suburbs: Cedar Hill/Washington Co.)
Clackamas Town Center - Suburbs: Clackamas - Extensive Mall Renovation + Expansion
Washington Square - Suburbs: Washington Co. - Extensive Mall Renovation + Expansion
Sunset (26) Freeway Widening & Expansion (Portland/Suburbs: Cedar Hill)
Jackson School Road/Sunset Hwy interchange (Suburbs: Washington Co.)
I-205 widening project (Portland/Suburbs: Clackamas)
'Villebois' (Suburbs: Wilsonville) 580-acre, 2400 unit housing development

In Development/Serious Planning (Likely to happen) :
Downtown including the West End:
Unnamed West End Tower - 29-story, 325 foot Mixed Use Tower (office, retail, hotel, condo) - SW 12th & Washington 2nd Thread on Project
'Madison Place' - 5-story office-condominium building
'Oak Tower' - 26-story luxury apartment building - 168 units - SW 3rd & Oak 2nd Thread on Project
Midtown Park Block Underground Parking Garage with City Park above
'First & Main' 15-story office tower - SW 1st & Main
Downtown 'Meier & Frank' (to become Macy's in Fall 2006) department store renovation, floors 1-5 (2007) 2nd Thread on Project
Downtown Marriott Renaissance Hotel - floors 6-14 of 'Meier & Frank/Macy's' department store (2007)
'1300 Park' - 22-story condominium tower, 170 units & First Christian Church's church services - April 2008 2nd Thread on Project
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Tower - 18-story church services + affordable housing tower
Mallory Hotel historic hotel renovation - Fall 2006
Downtown SmartPark Garage renovation - SW 10th & Yamhill
Transit Mall renovation + Light Rail addition (Old Town/Chinatown, Downtown, Univ. District) - 2009
Burnside/Couch Couplet + Street Improvements - made into two one-way streets and traffic calmed - 2013?
Ladd Carriage House project moved, renovated and given a new use

Pearl District including the Brewery Blocks:
'Block 90' Reed/Harris Bldg Penthouses & Aveda Salon Academy - NW 13th & Everett 2nd Thread on Project
Pearl District Safeway Supermarket and Condominium Towers - one 9-story office tower + one 17-story apartment tower - NW 14th & Lovejoy 2nd Thread on Project 3rd Thread on Project
'Riverscape Tower' 14-story condominium tower - 240 ft 2nd Thread on Project
'The Yards at Union Station' Phase III - Affordable Apartment Building - Naito Parkway
US Customs House Hotel - NW Broadway & Everett

NW Portland/Nob Hill including Uptown:
'The Westerly' 14-story condominium tower
Apple Store - storefront building - NW 23rd Ave.

South Waterfront/North Macadam/River Blocks:
'The Alexan' (Block 39) - 23-story apartment tower - 220 units 2nd Thread on Project
'Block 38' 31-story condominium tower - 325 feet, 305 units2nd Thread on Project 3rd Thread on Project

Stadium District/Goose Hollow:
'The Jefferson' - 5-story condominium building, 52 units - SW 18th & Jefferson

Old Town/Chinatown:
New Main Fire Station 'Fire Station 1' - NW 1st & Davis
'Union Gospel Mission LifeChange Center' - W. Burnside & 2nd - 5 story transition housing/homeless shelter building

Inner Eastside:
Grand Central Bowl - retail and refurbished bowling alley (SE Portland)
JumpTown Project - 10-story (maybe 15 stories), 110-unit condominium tower, NW Jazz Museum (Rose Quarter) 2nd Thread on Project


Outside Portland:
VancouverCenter 9-story office & condo bldg
Washington County Commuter Rail Line (Suburbs: Washington Co.) (2008-2009)
'I-205 MAX' Light Rail Transit Line (SE Portland/Suburbs: Clackamas) (2009)
'Beaverton Round' parking garage (Suburbs: Beaverton)
new Sauvie Island Bridge
'The Columbian Newspaper' 6-story office building - mid-2007 (Downtown Vancouver)


Proposed (Idea Stage, Studying Feasability)
New Multnomah County Courthouse, 58 courtrooms
Zell Bros./Mercantile/Virginia Cafe Block Mixed Use Mid-Rise Project
Downtown Nordstrom store renovation/expansion
Midtown Blocks Proposal, specialty retail corridor
Development around foot of Morrison Bridge along Naito Parkway
Development of Goodman's Downtown Parking Lots
1/4 block residential tower by new PSU housing - 1951 SW 6th Ave.
Jasmine Tree Block by PSU
Jefferson West redevelopment in West End

Pearl District:
'Machine Works' - Warehouse Renovation + Conversion to retail+office - NW 14th & Northrup
Pearl Athletic Field Park (3rd Park) - NW Overton & 11th - 2 block park including Boardwalk along 10th Ave.
'Centennial Mills' - renovation - possible Maritime Museum?
170 foot, 16-story residential tower - NW 10th & Glisan (Metropolitan Presort Bldg) 2nd Thread on Project
16-story, 177-unit residential tower - NW 10th & Overton 2nd Thread on Project

Stadium District:
'Butler Block' - 19-story tower, proposals 200 units - SW 18th & Salmon

NW Portland:
Linnton Condominium Building - NW Portland - likely 3 to 5 story
NW 18th & Front (3 8-story or 1 8-story and 1 16-story) (NW Portland)
Nob Hill 6-8 seperate Parking Garages (Nob Hill)

South Waterfront:
OGI/OHSU medical research campus on Schnitzer donated land south of Marquam Bridge (North Macadam/SoWa, RiverPlace)
Block 46 One 20-story, Two 6-story condominium towers - SW Lowell & Bond/Moody
Block 41 24-story, 244 unit residential tower - SW Abernethy & River Parkway
South Waterfront Park

Lloyd District:
Convention Center 'Headquarters Hotel' - 800 rooms
'Lloyd Crossing Catalyst Project' - MLK/Grand & MAX line (Lloyd District)

Old Town/Chinatown:
Public Market with conversion of old Fire Dept. (Old Town)
Univ. of Oregon Portland Center

East Side:
'Burnside Bridgehead' (Central Eastside)
Willamette Industrial Area & Swan Island Urban Renewal Area (North Portland)
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation Interpretive Center - new home for 3 steam locomotives - next to OMSI
Portland Streetcar East Side Line (Central Eastside, Lloyd District, Rose Quarter, SE Portland)
Bury I-5 on East Bank - unlikely for a long time (Central Eastside)Ross Island Park (South Portland/SoWa/Sellwood)
New Sellwood Bridge (Sellwood, Johns Landing)
Portland Public Schools Site by Broadway Bridge (possible high rise neighborhood or ballpark)

Outside Portland:
Beaverton Six 8-story condominium towers by Nike
Oregon City "lifestyle-center" shopping center (Suburbs: Oregon City)
St. Johns Bridge lighting
Sunrise Corridor Limited Access Highway (Suburbs: Clackamas, Damascus, Boring)
Portland Streetcar to Lake Oswego (SoWa, Johns Landing, Dunthorpe, Suburbs: Lake Oswego)
Milwaukee MAX line incl. Caruthers St. LRT Bridge (SE Portland, Sellwood, Suburbs: Milwaukie)
New I-5 Columbia River Bridge (North Portland/Jantzen Beach/Suburbs: Vancouver, WA)
Beaverton former Westgate theater site
105th & Halsey Tower 9-story residential tower

Major League Baseball Stadium (various possible sites, only if MLB team awarded to PDX)


On Hold, Delayed or Cancelled:
Killingsworth Station - North Portland - 6 story building, 108 units (condominiums, townhouses, affordable housing) (cancelled) 2nd Thread on Project
'One Waterfront Place' - Pearl/Waterfront - 12 stories - 256,000 sq ft office building (on hold)
100 Columbia - Downtown - 15 stories - 315,000 sq ft office building (on hold or cancelled)
Roosevelt Tower - West End/Downtown - 21 stories - 121 condominiums (on hold or cancelled)
Cascadian Tower - Lloyd District - 17 stories - condos (on hold or cancelled)
'Two Main' - Downtown - 16 stories - approx. 400,000 sq ft office building (on hold or cancelled)
SW 1st & Morrison - Downtown - 20 story office building (cancelled)
Pearl Block - Pearl District - 10 story 137,000 sq ft Class A office building (cancelled in excavation process; site redeveloped, see Burlington Tower)

Just Completed:

Eliot Tower
Just Completed
18 stories - 223 condominiums
Downtown/West End - SW 10th & Jefferson St.
Completion: Spring 2006
Architects: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Partnership/Ankrom Moisan Architects
Developers: Carroll Investments

'10th Avenue Market' retail conversion of existing single level bldgs - NW 10th & Davis
NW 23rd & Flanders Retail Bldg - William Sonoma HomePioneer Courthouse - Historic Courthouse Renovation
'The Sitka' - 5-story affordable apartment building, 210 units - Summer 2006 - NW 11th & Northrup
Portland Art Museum Masonic Temple Expansion - Downtown -Historic Renovation and Museum Expansion
St. John's Bridge reconstruction (North Portland)
NE 1620 Broadway - Irvington - 6 story condominum building with 30,000 sq ft retail (Spring 2005)
'Tanner Springs Park' (formerly 'North Park Square') - NW Marshall & 10th - Full Block Park - August 2005
'The Pinnacle' - Pearl District - 14 story condominum tower, 176 units - Summer 2005 - NW 10th & Northrup
Governor Hotel renovations (Downtown)
Bridgeport Village - Suburbs: Tigard/Tualatin - 400,000 sq ft lifestyle shopping center (May 2005)
'The Louisa' - Pearl/Brewery Blocks - 16 story Apartment Tower (Spring 2005)
'Belmont Street Lofts' - SE 35th & Belmont - 4 story building, 27 condominiums (2004/2005?)
'The Elizabeth' - Pearl District - 15 story tower, 175 condominiums/lofts (2005)
'The Henry' - Pearl District/Brewery Blocks - 15 story tower, 123 condominiums (2004)
'Park Place' - Pearl District - 13 story tower + 3 story townhouse building, 124 condominiums & townhouses (2004)
'Museum Place' + Downtown Safeway Supermarket - Downtown/West End - 8 story building, 128 apartments + 12 rental townhouses (2004)
'10th & Hoyt' Apartments - Pearl District - 6 story building, 178 apartments (2004)
'The Edge' Lofts + REI Store 10 story building, 125 condominiums (2004)
new Lloyd district Apt. Bldg (2004)
'8 NW 8th' - Downtown/North Park Blocks - 12 story tower, 180 affordable apartments + transition housing (2004)
'The Avenue Lofts' - Pearl District - 8 story warehouse building conversion to condominiums/lofts, 166 condominiums (2004)
'Streets of Tanasbourne' - Suburbs: Hillsboro/Tanasbourne - 340,000 sq ft lifestyle shopping center (2004)
url=]'The Lexis'[/url] - Pearl District - 7 story building, 139 apartments (2004)
'The Burlington' - Pearl District - 10 story tower, 163 apartments (2005)
Renovation of Beaverton Mall now Cedar Hills Crossing (2004) 16 screen theater
'Lovejoy Square' Retail Project (former McClaskey Wine Distibutor Bldg.) (2004)
Portland Streetcar to RiverPlace (2005)
'Station Place' - Pearl District - 14 story tower, 176 apartments (2005)
Pearl SmartPark Garage (2004)
ActivSpace Building (NW 17th & Raleigh) (2005)
Interstate Fred Meyer Supermarket (2004)
The Embassy (historic condo conversion) (2004)
The Envoy (historic condo conversion) (2004)
Pacific Tower - Chinatown - 15 story tower (2003)
Mosaic Condos (2003)

Links go back to active threads from July 1, 2005 to Present

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I noticed this project amongst the massive list above:

Portland Art Museum Masonic Temple Expansion - Downtown -Historic Renovation and Museum Expansion

Does anybody have any information on this project? Is it complete? On-going? In my hometown of Baltimore, the Masonic Temple was just converted into a hotel convention center. It's pretty nice, but I always thought it would make a better museum... Does anyone have any pictures of both the existing Portland Art Museum and the Masonic Temple?

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pictures from a day off yesterday

ice rink

another crane for portland

is it just me or is the glass at atwater the exact same as the john ross's just with a little green tint.

looks ready to rise to me

notice the guy up there


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^niiiice Dougall...

Peter Smith said:
Does anybody have any information on this project? Is it complete? On-going? In my hometown of Baltimore, the Masonic Temple was just converted into a hotel convention center. It's pretty nice, but I always thought it would make a better museum... Does anyone have any pictures of both the existing Portland Art Museum and the Masonic Temple?
It is completed and turned out quite nice. I don't have any pictures of it but I found a couple by Googling it...


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Tom Moyer to build 35-story downtown office tower
Portland Business Journal - 3:18 PM PST Thursday
by Wendy Culverwell
Business Journal staff writer

The temperature of Portland's downtown office market rose Thursday with the announcement by developer Tom Moyer that he will build a 35-story office tower just west of Nordstrom.

Moyer's firm, TMT Development, said it would break ground this fall on the $150 million project, which it has dubbed Park Avenue West at Park Avenue and Yamhill Street. The building will occupy Park Block Four, currently home to the Zell Brothers Building and kitty-corner from Moyer's most recent skyscraper, the 27-story Fox Tower.

Park Avenue West is being designed by Robert Thompson, founding principal of TVA Architects Inc., which also designed Fox Tower, which opened in 2000.

At 410 feet, the new building will be among Portland's tallest. And with 525,000 square feet, it will easily eclipse its sibling, the Fox Tower, which is Portland's sixth largest office building with 438,000 square feet.

The new building will have approximately 280,000 square feet of Class A office space, three floors of retail, 85 units of housing and 350 underground parking spaces.

The announcement comes as Portland faces its tightest market for downtown office space in recent years. According to the most recent figures from Grubb & Ellis, the vacancy rate for Class A space in the central business district has dropped to 5.9 percent and asking rents have inched up to $23.80 this quarter, from $22.66 a year ago. As a rule of thumb, it takes rents in the mid-$30s to justify new office construction.

"Everybody knows we're heading into a tightening market," said David Squire, managing director at Grubb and Ellis.

At present, major office users have little to choose from in downtown. Offerings include four spaces of 20,000 to 30,000 square feet, one between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet, and nothing above that.

With rents rising and a tight market giving major tenants little room to grow, several developers want to answer demand with new supply. BesidesMoyer, Equity Office Properties is still pressing ahead with plans for a 15-story office building plans at First and Main.

Squire said any one of the developers considering new office towers is capable of pulling it off, but said Moyer has an edge since he is sole proprietor of his firm.

"He certainly did it before with the Fox Tower. He answers to no one," he said.

"This is probably good news for downtown."

In addition to Fox Tower, TMT owns and operates the 1000 Broadway building and the Studio Building. Its headquarters are at Fox Tower.

TMT officials weren't available to comment this afternoon. They gave no indication of any pre-leasing activity in announcing plans to construct the new tower.

[email protected] | 503-219-3415

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I'm taking a trip tomorrow from Seattle to Downtown Portland..what should should I see downtown, recommendations?

This is my list:

Portland city grill
Shanghai Tunnell
Pioneer Square
Pearl district

any bars, restaraunts, or sights that I should be stopping by?

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you are a week too early, so you are going to miss the Aerial Tram Grand Opening, but I'd still suggest a trip down to the South Waterfront District.

If you are downtown, taking a streetcar tour is your best bet. The streetcar starts at NW 23rd, winds down through the Pearl past the Brewery Blocks, through the West End/PSU, down into Riverplace, and then off to the South Waterfront. Getting on and off at various locations could take up a better part of your day.

Portland City Grill is delish and has the best views in is even better when you go between 4 and 6 during happy hour (you might want to call and make sure they have it on Saturday) two can drink and eat for under $25 in a restaurant that would normally set you back about $100 without drinks.

The farmers markets and Saturday market are closed until March, so Old Town might not have too much activity except panhandlers during the day...If you are coming in on Amtrak than Union Station is just blocks from the Pearl and the streetcar, just make sure you head away from the river, past the massive post office and into the district.

There are sooo many restaurants everywhere, I couldn't even tell you which one is the best.

As for clubs, the Doug Fir on the other side of the Burnside Bridge is a great venue, you might also try Aura on Burnside, the Crystal Ballroom (though it frequently is reserved for shows or events), and just about any street in the Pearl is going to have little hang outs...If you are gay try Stark Street and 10th and walk up to 13th (5 bars in the area) or in Old Town about Everett and 3rd you'll find 4 or 5 gay clubs. There are also 'mixed' bars, not really hetero or homo in the Old Town area...Barracuda, Dixie's Tavern, Voodoo Lounge, Lush, and McFaddens are all in the same couple blocks.
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