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Spinnaker Tower (a.k.a. Millenium Tower)
Portsmouth, UK

Height: 170m
Floors: 3
Built: 2002-2005
Architect: HGP Architects


- Tallest structure in Portsmouth, and one of the tallest structures in the UK outside London.

- Built on Gunwharf, near Portsmouth Harbour Station, the Spinnaker Tower offers spectacular views
across the harbour for an expected 700,000 visitors a year. It is the centrepiece of the
Millennium Project for the Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour.

- Construction of the tower fell way behind schedule and the last piece of the structure was finally fitted
on 17th January 2005 - five years later than originally planned.

- The 'top cone' spire which is 27 metres tall and weighs 14 tonnes, was lifted up by crane, bringing the tower
to its full height of 170 metres - that's two and a half times the size of Nelson's Column in London.

- The design is intended to represent billowing sails and the city's strong maritime traditions and was
the result of extensive public consultations.


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18th Oct 2005 - It officially opened today . Five years late and £11 million over budget . The exterior glass lift also broke down and the council's project leader had to be rescued by abseiling engineers .

Oh sigh......

Quote from ayoung woman in Portsmouth " I'd rather have an Ikea here " .

Oh sigh again ......

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