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Post Pics of Reading, PA Here

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Here's two pics I found of Reading's skyline.
If you have any more pics of this city, please post.

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actually thats pretty impressive, anyone know how tall some of the buildings are here? nice skyline for a city that size.
Top 3
01. Berks County Courthouse
84 m 1932
02. Commonwealth Bank Center
40 m 1903
03. Medical Arts Building
38 m 1930
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Hope they aren't that bad, I tried fooling around with a few of them in a photo program.
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Reading looks like a cool city. I will have to visit there soon.
frankpentangeli said:
i like this picture. a nice summary of the pennsylvania countryside.
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Damn, Reading is dense.
What's the story with THIS place? It looks like white rowhouses in the mountains??? It also looks suburban in nature? Is it? Or is this downtown-ish Reading, PA?
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