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Post your favorite Congolese Songs.

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Post your favorite Congolese songs.

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1. Independence Chacha. ( Grand Kalle )

2. Recto Verso (JB Mpiana )

3. Omba (JB Mpiana ).

4. Mercure ( Ferre Gola ).

5 . Maboko Pamba (Ferre Gola ).
Post your 5 favorite Congolese songs of all Times.

Did you read my mind?:lol: I wouldn't say from all time and just pick up only 5, that's too short...... Here under, 5 of my favorite songs:

1) Le Bucheron (From Franklin Bukaka Congo-Brazza)

2) Loboko na litama (Grand Kallé)

3) Muvaro (Zaiko)

4) Kumba (Tshala Muana)

5) Henriquet (Koffi Olomidé)

As Butembo changed the title...Let's continue

6) Jardin abandonné (Carlyto & Debaba)

7) Muloko wangu (Abeti Masikini)

8) Génération ya sika (Frank Lassan)

9) Plus vivant (Lokua Kanza)

10) Maman (Papa Wemba)

11) Inoubliable (Alain Makaba chanté par Dindo Yogo)

12) Masanga (Jean Bosco Mwenda)

13) Ceci cela (Lidjo Kwempa)

14) Ousmana Bakayoko ( Mayaula chanté par Carlyto & Pembey Sheiro)

15) Faux pas (Mbilia Bell)
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Post your 15 favorite Congolese Songs.

Oh, i will change the title and increase to 15 fav songs. Lol
Post your 15 favorite Congolese Songs.

Butembo what about a papa wemba song?
I have lots of respect for him, but im not a fan of his style.... I like his concerts though.
Butembo, this is an impossible exercise; I would understand if you suggested 15 favourite songs per band…Still let me try:

1. Elo (Teddy Sukami-Zaiko LL)
2. Indépendance cha cha (Grand Kallé-African Jazz)
3. Hortence (Pepe Ndombe)
4. Afrika mokili mobimba (G. Kallé)
5. Matata ya mwasi na mobali (OK Jazz)
6. Onassis (Evoloko-Zaiko LL)
7. Mère supérieure (Papa Wemba-Viva la musica)
8. Christine (Tabu Ley Rochereau)
9. Maria Keffi (Likinga Reddo-Zaiko LL)
10. Tempelo (Tabu Ley)
11. Ngobila (Koffi Olomide)
12. Insecticide (Ferre Gola)
13. Lisapo (Bimi Ombale-Zaiko LL)
14. Sixième chantier (Koffi Olomide)
15. Kamasutra (Ferre Gola)
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Ladies and Gets, i have made it much easier since you all insist .:laugh:
Not much love for Konono no.1 or Staff benda billili then. Are those bands popular in Congo or do they only appeal to 'cosmopolitan cool' world music fans like myself?
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