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POSTING IMAGES on this Forum - Please respect COPYRIGHT

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For the purposes of THIS forum the guidance on the use of images within postings is as follows:

When quoting images to which you don't hold copyright, ensure that the image can be used under fair use and provide the source name and link with the image.

There is no requirement to identify photographs for which you hold copyright - only photographs and other images, scans etc must have the source identified. This is especially important when using any images from Flickr as any failures to not mention the source could possible lead to Flickr not permitting linking.

Please ensure that only 10 images are included in any one posting.

It will also be appreciated if images can be no more than 1100 pixels wide, anything larger throws the screen off to the left and makes it difficult for members viewing the forum using tablets and other such mobile devices.
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Hi All,


One of the changes that our new site has made is that it has removed the need for us to use any '3rd party hosts' (eg Photobucket) in order to post images into our posts and threads.

All you now need to do is click on the "insert image" icon at the bottom of your post, and you can post an image direct from your own computer hard drive, either by clicking on your image or by dragging it into your post.

This greatly increased ease of posting images may lead to us to sometimes forgetting to continue to respect Copyright, by omitting to post a 'credit link' back to the original image, where the image you are posting is NOT one of your own images.

Please remember, the Copyright rules have not changed.


NH and NP (North East England Forum Moderators)
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