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Potential World Expo 2025 bid

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Could be interesting and one to watch - not sure the bid will fit in with Boris' tenure as mayor? Or what the format of this type of bid is, is it like the Olympics?

2025 is way too soon for Heathrow! Royal Docks seems the obvious candidate especially with Crossrail but there will be 10 years of building by then. Barking may have the Overground extension but surely it will need better infrstructure than that?
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The stretch from the Olympic Park to the Thames; part of the original Lea Valley regeneration. Or Old Oak Common.

Expos are a bit of an oddity in today's world but London could do things a bit differently.
Would be nice if they didn't head East again tbh. Somewhere in South London would make a nice change, but I'm struggling to think of a suitable site.

OOC seems obvious, but much of the site might be needed for station construction (similar to the King's Cross site when St. Pancras was being extended), plus the first phase of development.

Milan has gone for a location in its outskirts, 15km or so from the centre, so perhaps Barking along the Thames is a possibility. Transport is shit there though bar the A13 and effort needed would be huge. The Lower Lea Valley somewhere between Tot Hale - Enfield Lock might be more attractive, especially if CR2 goes up there.
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