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I present you some pics of Potsdam, the pics are all taken in the "Nauener Vorstadt"(one of Potsdams mansions districts). Potsdam is a little city with about 130.000 inhabitants, it´s in the south of Berlins outskirt(Berlins little sister;)), Potsdam is famous for his amazing parks and castles.

Enjoy it!

Nauener Vorstadt

Many of the indoor shots of Roman Polanskis "The Pianist" were made in this house.

A big part of the "Nauener Vorstadt" was the KGB-Headquarter during the cold war. The building on the following two pictures is the former KGB-Jail, now it`s a memorial place.

The Embassy of Venezuela

That`s the russian "village" Alexandrowka. It was built in 1826 by King Friedrich Wilhelm III. as a memorial for his deceased friend Zar Alexander I. Peter Joseph Lenné was architect of the "village". The "village" contains 12 houses and one chapel on a small hill next to the "village"

The jewish graveyard of Potsdam

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour!
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