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PRABHADEVI | Ahuja Towers | 250 m | 53 fl | T/O

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Ahuja Towers -- Worli, Mumbai

The latest skyscraper proposed for Mumbai's rapidly growing Worli skyline, Ahuja group aims to be "one of the tallest residential buildings in Mumbai."

Designed by P&T Group, Singapore, the project comprises two adjoining towers of 20,000 sq. m that I estimate will be just shy of 200m tall, complementing the other 200m+ buildings coming up in the area. The project features a 10-story carpark and has its first condo starting on the 14th floor, guaranteeing spectacular panoramic views of Mumbai and the Indian Ocean.

The design of the tower was developed from three preliminary proposals, with the last one being the basis for the final design:

The architects estimate the completion date for the tower to be in 2010.

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Very cool design. The latest batch of rez projects have been fantastic.

Nice work Jai.
here's a larger but granier rendering of the towers -

It's from a post made in Atelier ADT architect's blog in October 2007. It also has a larger rendering of the old proposal of the Raheja Platinum tower.

Their website - however has nothing to offer. Someone please double check just incase I missed out on something of our liking.
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IU, those are some great finds! Well done!
great work you guys!
looks awesome
atleast this residential building looks like an office building... thats an improvement! Hope they stick with the glass finish.
This project is still ON

snippet from DTZ holdings (a property adviser)'s yearly results announced on July 21:

The project management and building consultancy team also had a strong year helping major corporate clients in fitting out their new facilities around the world as well as supporting major new-build projects. In India, we have been advising on the 56-storey Ahuja Towers scheme in Mumbai. When completed in 2012, the building will be one of the tallest residential structures in India.
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I spoke to someone from DTZ a couple of mins ago and have forwarded some general questions to the dude who's handling the project. He'll get back to me within a day or two.

anyways, here's a high res render straight from the Image Index of Ahuja Constructions' website

Click on it to view super large
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Worli Skyline's gonna change for good.
everyones saying its a great design but what are the chances of this getting built.
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