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PRAGUE - ecclectic queen of the architecture

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In Easter weekend I visited another one of most beautiful world's cities - Prague. I will still continue my Madrid thread, but parallel to that, here you will get insight into Prague through my eye/camera/lens. Photos will be mostly in large size as I believe it's the best way to enjoy photos and reach maximal presence effect.


Prague to me actually seemed like a result you could get if unite Riga and Vilnius. Not only mathematically (if you sum up Vilnius and Riga populations you get Prague) but also cityscape-wise. From Riga - Art Nouveau architecture and it's beautiful charm, massive 19th century urban districts, big city feel and wide central river, from Vilnius - baroque architecture and wonderful natural setting between hills.

When coming to Prague I knew Czech Republic is the most developed of former Eastern block countries, but you won't tell that until you arrive in the capital. Roads in countryside were worse than in Poland and Lithuania and towns and villages looked rather neglected. But Prague... yes, it left an impression of a rich and shining city - fresh (renovated), clean and well developed: surely on par with Brussels, Madrid or Paris in this case, and not far from Stockholm (which is almost an absolute urban perfectionism example, imo).

1. We start - unusually - with a modern building (there were few in the centre, but, of course, Prague, similarly like Riga is preoccupied with historical architecture). But this is situating on the corner of Old Town and is one of the first buildings you encounter when coming from bus station side

2. Right next shining historical examples here





7. Like in Riga, modern and old trams is living together in peace in Pragues streets




11. Prague municipality building where in 1918 independent Czechoslovakie state was declared.


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Pragueomit, Pragueolisous, Prague Beautiful. Did you all know the city of Prague was used in the filming of the movie Evita too look like Buenos Aires in the 1940's
^^ interesting info, midrise :cheers:

Thank you for all the amazing photos of Prague, Vecais :cheers:
Wwwwwwowwww what a place!!!!
Amazing, I want to see more pics from Prague.
really impressive photos from Prague...thanks for the effort.:eek:kay:
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