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In the month of May I have been to Prague for an SPSS-userconference.
On Sunday May 13th I left for Prague, returning 3 days later. On Monday and Tuesday the conference took place.
Both days I had the opportunity to visit the city from about 5:00 PM (much too short to really get to know the city). :(

Nevertheless here is a series of pics I took on Monday May 14th. I didn’t have time to visit the castle or the Petrin Tower or some other point of view, so I took some more street scene pix, with Prague beauty.;)

Enjoy! :)

1. Walking out of the hotel I noticed this distant cloud. As I love thunderstorms I thought something good might happen but the only thing that occurred was a little thunderstorm around 10:30 PM. :(

2. Some more promising clouds.

3. We stayed at the Hilton which was close to the Allianz building.


5. Vodafone-advertisement.

6. Beauty of Prague.

7. Local people.


9. Contrast.

10. Streetscene.

11. McDonald’s beneath a bridge.

12. Streetscene (Na Porici).


14. Street near Na Porici. Few tourists in this part of the city…



17. Construction going on at the Na Porici.


19. Construction workers.

20. Street scene.

21. Silhouet of the Tynchurch.

22. Narrow street in the direction of the Old City Square.

23. One of many city portals …

24. … being photographed a lot.

25. Street near the Celetna. Clearly more touristst in this part of the city.

26. More Prague beauty. Even the man in the ad is smiling towards them...

27. And another Prague beauty. ;)

28. Tower at the Old City Square.

29. A closeup.

30. Part of the Old City Square.

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nice :applause:
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