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Prague - slightly off the beaten track

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Lets visit Josefov, the former Jewish quarter of Prague. Instead of following the hordes of tourists we walk through the rest of the quarter, which offers some impressive examples of Secession (Art Nouveau) and Historism, but also illustrates the national renaissance of the Czechs.

We start near the Municipal house:

Now the Municipal house:

Neighbouring house:

Continuing towards Josefov, as you see on the right side not everything is beautiful:

Close to St. Jakob, directly behind Teyn court:

Inside of St. Jakob, the second longest church in Prague. Built by Czechs, Germans and Italians:

In many parts of the old town you don't see a single tourist. Stupid mass tourism:

Please excuse my slightly Germano-centric perspective, but for me it's quite moving to see that some of these German signs survived the cleansing of the 1920's:

Entry to Teyn court, called Ungelt, which is German, means means something like un-money and was the place where the toll was collected:

Inside Teyn court:

Palais Granovsky:

St. Niklas from afar, usually flooded by tourists:

That's why we prefer side streets:

A modern airplane... at that time:

Spanish Synagogue:

St. Simon, sadly closed:

The most impressive Historism avenue (Old New Synagogue to the right):

Ceremonial house at the Jewish cemetery. When I visited Prague for the first time in the early 90's there wasn't a single tourist and I had the cemetery for myself! But now...:

Interesting building, dedicated to the most important master builders of Prague during the M.A.:

And a bit of pristine Prague:

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Fantastic photos of a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.
wonderful pictures. Prague is like a fairytale city!

You brought back many memories of my 10-day stay in that city. I was in most places you showed.

Thank you for sharing!
WOW! Amazing, beautiful old architecture, Prague looks stunning, there must of been many talanted craftsmen to design and build these buildings, great photos Karasek!
Übergeil, as I already mentioned :rock:

This wonderful thread should catch a lot more attention!
Prague really is a thing of beauty. These are great shots and are a credit to the photographer - thank you for sharing! :)
Prague made a bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but did not make the shortlist. Here's hoping that improved infrastructure and more sporting venues help in any future bid and they eventually host! It would be a great city to visit.
Some more pics. This is a walk through the so called new town, the southern part of the town center.
We start close to the national theatre:

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The street between the national theatre and the Wenceslas square offers some impressive Art Nouveau buildings:

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Interestingly Prague still has lots of old trams:

Goethe institute, a German cultural institution, inside a very impressive building:

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