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University of Calgary Press Release - Full Article within link


Dig reveals unknown First Nations group

June 19, 2008
Ancient fort opens new chapter in First Nations' history

A fortified village that pre-dates European arrival in Western Canada and is the only one of its kind discovered on the Canadian plains is yielding intriguing evidence of an unknown First Nations group settling on the prairies and is rekindling new ties between the Siksika Nation and aboriginal groups in the United States.

This spring, students from the U of C's Department of Archaeology are spending several weeks working on a dig near Cluny, about 120 kilometres east of Calgary, as part of a project that is expected to continue for several years unearthing one of Alberta's most significant archaeological sites. Known as the Cluny Fortified Village, the site on the Siksika First Nation reservation next to the Bow River is more than 250 years old and is an enigma to archaeologists who say it may have been home to a small band of normally-sedentary people from North Dakota.


An interesting discovery as this would have been the only city/fortified village for 1000's of kilometres. The existence of this city and the practices within it most certainly help to explain why the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump came into being, slaughtering so many bison at once.
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