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I open this thread in order to accomodate my pictures from villages and places of the prefecture, of course don't expect to fill it immediately :)

So lets get a basic idea of where the prefecture is located:

The prefecture of Larissa is located in the eastern Thessaly , and its capital is the city of Larissa.It's area forms the second largerst prefecture of Greece.Along the prefecture runs the river of penios and also Mountain Olympus, the mountain of the gods, and the tallest of the country is situated in the prefecture.

Now lets start with a few pictures from agiocampos, the beach of the prefecture:

Agiokampos beach

Sorry for the construction "noise" :)

The little port of agiocampow, recently constructed and not yet finished, though it is used already:

The new cable bridge that is U/C in order to replace the previous that failed its purpose and caused flood incidents:

Thats all no more sea now :D

As i was returning hom from the "old" road which was repaved a few months before, i took few picture of the mountain

Mt kissavos, you can actually see a small piece of its peak :D

Thessaly plains in the backround

An old bridge, from the 17th century i believe

And to close a house from Agia, a town with around 4 thousands people that has a lot of nice restored houses and traditional buildings, and i will get a full coverage soon

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