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Prince Anwar Shah Road | South City Mall | Completed

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South City Mall
375, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700068

Inception - Jan 2008
Total Area - 1,000,000 sq.ft.
GLA - 6,25,000 sq.ft.

Brief Summary
Since its Opening in January 2008, this Mall has ushered in an unparalleled phenomenon in this part of India, and redefined shopping and retail experience in the city, albeit the whole of East India, to a whole new level. Widely hailed as the "Most Popular Mall" of Kolkata, this mall has several distinctions and achievements over the years as follows.............

  • Among the Top 10 largest malls of India
  • Recipient of several awards, IMAGES Retail, Credai India, as the Best Shopping Mall of East India
  • Among the Top 10 Malls in India in terms of Footfalls
  • Among the Top 10 malls in India among Sales and Revenue Generation
  • Largest Shoppers Stop (83K sq.ft.) and Spencers (71K sq,ft,) Outlet and The Second Largest Pantaloons (72K sq.ft.) Outlet in India.

After 9 years of Unparalleled popularity and fame, in Feb 2017, the Mall decided to close down for Renovations, Redesigning and Restructuring. What was initially hailed as 4 months, took an year of Closure. During this time, Only a few Anchor and Vanilla stores in the Ground Floor and Basement were functional.


The Mall as it was earlier...(numerous pics and references can be found in the "Kolkata Malls...thread")

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Changes expected

  • Rust is Out. Black is IN.
    The glossy, reflective Rust colored cladding on either wing of the facade has been replaced by matt, soft shine jet black cladding. The cladding has been done till the edge on top unlike earlier. The soft lustre black cladding, needless to say, is looking much classier than before, and it complements the display boards and brand logos, which stands out more vividly and prominent against the black backdrop.
  • The portico has an all glass enclosure, right in front of the mall entrance.
  • The Roof the portico is having a new set of glass.
  • Diamond shaped marqee panels, in beige and gold color, clad the center of the mall facade. Earlier there was no cladding here. The display boards which used to jut out of the surface, have been embossed in this cladding.
  • Every single Glass panel on the facade, be it the Central dome or the Side Vertical panes, have been replaced.
  • The Sides of the mall, as well as the parking is still getting finishing touches. The side cladding in Rust color will also change to Soft Black.
  • The entire driveway has been relaid in concrete with a slightly raised surface, waiting for a new set of granite.
  • We will see a substantial increase in Mall floor plate by about 1 lakh sq.ft. retail space. With the addition of another floor on the right wing, the food court will shift to the top.
  • The huge additional Steel frame structure on top will be the new food court. Waiting to see how it looks..!!!
  • Several new brands, in addition to the existing ones, will dot the mall. Forever 21 launched today. Starbucks, Sephora and a host of others is also on cards. We might hv another big anchor to the likes of Zara or H&M.
  • State of the art facilities and upgrades, with luxury lounge, Wifi zones, IMAX, Dolby Atmos, and a host of others. The Pantaloons store itself had a stunning makeover just before the pujas.
  • The proposed refurbishment will comprise three aspects: comfort, safety and greenery . Restrooms will become premium and corridors will get a new ceiling. In the second, the entire electrical wiring will be overhauled and new-generation CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, heat detectors and motion sensors installed. The security check-points at the entrance will be upgraded. In the third, the entire illumination will use LED, water will be recycled and a more efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation and airconditioning) system will replace the current one.

Cant wait for the Interior World class experience..!!!
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Boy o boy....
Looking awesome.!!
Great shots studd :nuts:
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An explosion of Brands lined up...
Ans an envious line up as well..
Most people r unaware that stores in SCM is opening daily in phases..Shops r actually opening in phases..To most revellers a mall is either open or closed..partial concept is beyond understanding of many..especially potential buyers..when a potential buyer goes to a mall he/she wants to be spoilt for it is still limited as most think mall is not fully open. Its people like u and me who researches this knows whats open and whats not..

Let the mall be fully thrown to public and then see the surge..
Almost all the vanilla stores hv become bigger than earlier.
Also they look much jazzier and decked up in design, aesthetics and visual merchandising.
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The earlier Raymonds store was much bigger.
This one is big as well. Here u see corner angle view, not the entire span of the store.
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Some additions to the brand stable on re-opening...

Calvin Klein
Aeropostale (Open)
Asics (Open)
Scotch and Soda Amsterdam
Armani Xchange
Tom Tailor
Gant (Open)
CK underwear
Forever 21 (Open)
Steve Madden (Open)
Dune London
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Just rename it to.....
Prince Anwar Shah Road | South City Mall | Completed
LEts just forget the history and the concept of re-opening or the mall is almost fully thrown open
and regular posts related to the mall should be directed to this thread like other specific threads..Bengali Tiger has pointed out rightly
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Kolkata is in dire need of a proper Donut place. It's 2018 for heaven sake!!!
No Dunkin. No MoD. No Krispy Creme.

I am still struggling to find a proper Steak place in Kolkata. The Steak Factory is okayish, but afte Yoko Bandra, I am always looking for more. Suggetions are most welcome.
Try Mocambo..if u r really that steak lover. Then u can share ur opinion. Or,
Peter Cat @ Park St
Trinca's @ Park St
Chili's (in 3 malls),
Irish house @ Quest,
Rubys Grill' at Dover lane, near Gariahat.
Wise Owl @ Purna Das Rd
Blue & [email protected] Lindsay St
.....list can go more. Search Google and try. Cant find good steak in Kol..??

In Kolkata best is available, if it is FOOD.
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Ur right.
But I did not forget. As I said the list can go on. Cant write all of them.
If someone cannot find good steaks here, I just did my part of opening the door.
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A Lot of Discussion about Superdry...Here it is, at either end.


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All New SCM Guide...

Ground floor - Left Wing...
*Shoppers Stop
*Sephora *Starbucks *World of Titan *Swarovski *Exclusive lines *Forevermark *Rhythm *Indian gem & jewellery *Lladro *L'occitane.

Ground Floor - Right Wing...
*Marks & Spencers *Gap *Gatha *Littleshop *The Bodyshop *GKB Opticals *Caratlane by Titan *The Prime *Himalaya Opticals.

1st Floor - Left Wing...
*Shoppers Stop
*Armani Xchange *Calvin Klein *Superdry *Scotch & Soda *Gas *Vero Moda *Jack & Jones *Wacoal *Hunkemoller *UCB *Aeropostale.

1st Floor - Right Wing...
*Tommy Hilfiger *CK underwear *Gant *Pepe jeans *Levi's *Nautica *Harley Davidson Accs *Tom Tailor *Forever 21 *Only.

2nd Floor - Left Wing...
*Inox : Imax
*Raymonds *Color Plus *Celio *US Polo Assn *Allen Solly *Van Heusen *Asics *Skechers *Puma *Nike.

2nd Floor - Right Wing...
*Adidas *Steve Madden *Dune london *Arrow *Louis Philippe *Zodiac *Hush Puppies *Starmark *Bata *Metro *DC Shoes *Reebok.
*Coffee world *Cafe Mezzuna *Chili's.

3rd Floor - Left Wing...
*Inox : Imax
*W *Benetton Kids *Biba *Fabindia *USPA kids *Manyavar.

3rd Floor - Right Wing...
*Chemistry *Ritu Kumar *Soch *AND *Kazo *Go Colors *Latin Quarters *Forever new *Samsonite BL *Chumbak *Zivame *Sakshi *Chemb. *Timezone.
*Mainland China *Flame & Grill.

*Spencers *Sony World *Samsung Smartcafe * Canon * Fundamental Electronics *Presto *Chique *Bhagwati *Mother Earth.


***About 20 Odd Stores In the Mall are covered in Interior Work with No Brand or Label as of now. So we can expect some more as it nears Opening.

***The Ones marked in Bold are already Open.
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Zara is confirmed to open here. I guess in one of the 20 odd stores where work is going on, but display boards not yet put.
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Seems like this is the spot where Zara would open its store...and would sing zara zara...:lol:...btw, if it would be one of the largest store in SCM...

Yes, this is the Store. Goes further all the way left. It is pretty big.
A sneak peak into the bowling alley of Timezone...

Wow!! :cheers:
The TimeZone is way bigger than earlier. Probably the first gaming zone in a mall to accommodate a bowling alley.
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