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Prince Anwar Shah Road | South City Mall | Completed

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South City Mall
375, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700068

Inception - Jan 2008
Total Area - 1,000,000 sq.ft.
GLA - 6,25,000 sq.ft.

Brief Summary
Since its Opening in January 2008, this Mall has ushered in an unparalleled phenomenon in this part of India, and redefined shopping and retail experience in the city, albeit the whole of East India, to a whole new level. Widely hailed as the "Most Popular Mall" of Kolkata, this mall has several distinctions and achievements over the years as follows.............

  • Among the Top 10 largest malls of India
  • Recipient of several awards, IMAGES Retail, Credai India, as the Best Shopping Mall of East India
  • Among the Top 10 Malls in India in terms of Footfalls
  • Among the Top 10 malls in India among Sales and Revenue Generation
  • Largest Shoppers Stop (83K sq.ft.) and Spencers (71K sq,ft,) Outlet and The Second Largest Pantaloons (72K sq.ft.) Outlet in India.

After 9 years of Unparalleled popularity and fame, in Feb 2017, the Mall decided to close down for Renovations, Redesigning and Restructuring. What was initially hailed as 4 months, took an year of Closure. During this time, Only a few Anchor and Vanilla stores in the Ground Floor and Basement were functional.


The Mall as it was earlier...(numerous pics and references can be found in the "Kolkata Malls...thread")

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Zara is opening at ground floor of SCM , taking the place of Vero moda, J&J and added the ground floor parking lot . The ZARA store gonna be huge . more than 25000 sq ft I guess . I asked the workers there , they confirmed me .
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Maybe in one of those empty is there...
Guess, Gucci will come up in the ground level only...if it is so...then we must admit that Gucci is doing a good business in Kolkata...:eek:kay:
Zara will come up just beside marks and Spencer . and Gucci will never come up in SCM , such high profile luxury brand will never mix it up with high street brand.
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Chumbak has an amazing story, the owners sold their house to gather money for the start-up, based in Bengaluru. It's a lifestyle brand, opened around 2010-11 I think. Chumbak was initally an online brand, selling colourful quirky stuff in-line with the pop culture entering India. In 2014 they started with brick and mortar stores and the flagship store was of course at Bengaluru. I have been to their Huaz Khas store, pretty good suff they have but the prices are on the upper side.

Chumbak is an amazing brand, I been to Chumbak's DLF
promenade store in Delhi. It was so amazing. Good to see finally its here.
Seems like an apparel brand...opening soon in SCM...

Its a very famous American Brand .
Zara in SCM. Its final and confirmed now with this ad banner...
Finally the eye treat and longing is over <3
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