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Ill start off with some pictures posted from our members in our section:

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Prishtina is lovely.Thanks for photos Liburni.:cheers
Prishtina is lovely.Thanks for photos Liburni.:cheers

A few more from Buddy_Holly. (most of the pictures i posted above are taken by him, sorry I was too lazy to give him credit for it, but his pictures are signed at the bottom)

University Residence:

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mmm... I can't see most of the pictures. But, of the pictures I see, I miss one of most coolest buildings in the world: the Prishtina university library!
Posted by Buddy in Albanian subforum today...

Rr. Luan Haradinaj

Rr. Rexhep Luci

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yeah, that one it is. Such a great building of the university library. Just saw it by night. I was only one day in Prishtina. Thanks for adding.
Some more pictures recently taken by Buki:

Rruga "B".

Pjesa lidhese e rruges "Agim Ramadani" me rrugen "B".

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thanks for sharing the photos
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