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Achrafieh 1944
Delivery Date 31/12/2011

From its prime location in the capital, Ashrafieh 1944 is a modern residential development that offers homebuyers quality at unbeatable prices. The building is situated within Hotel Dieu – Soufi neighborhood in Ashrafieh which is regarded as one of Beirut's most desirable locations. From here, residents can find the city's greatest landmarks, facilities and amenities within a short distance of their home.

Ashrafieh 1944 is close to:
The National Museum - Soufi Garden
ABC Ashrafieh mall - Schools and hospitals
Supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants
Situated at the triangle of Hotel Dieu, Soufi and Aadlieh, Ashrafieh 1944 lies within close proximity to Sami Solh Avenue and the Damascus Road. This advantageous location blends the tranquil charm of a residential neighborhood with the convenience of easy access to all areas of the capital.

The design of Ashrafieh 1944 is specifically targeted to the needs of modern-day homebuyers, offering a combination of sufficient space with attractive prices.
The 14-floors building comprise of:
22 apartments of 190m2
2 apartments of 300m2

Each 190m2 apartment contains three bedrooms, which, when combined with its extremely attractive price, represents one of the most affordable living spaces in the highly sought after area of Ashrafieh.

Lebanese residents and expatriates looking for a well-appointed home in the heart of the capital now have the answer to their dreams.

On the 13th and 14th floor's high-rise vantage point, residents can enjoy superb views and an elevated standard of living with 300m2 and 4 bedrooms that combine generous space with quality finishes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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