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Hi, well again same thing with the seef thread, this was in another long and messy thread hehe, and I think only Qatar4Ever and another called P.T saw it. DL, you can add this to emporis, u/c now as tenders where closed over 2 months ago, enjoy:

A butterfly-shaped residential building in Juffair ... challenging project.

Among the most architecturally challenging projects within Bahrain Engineering Bureau’s portfolio is a butterfly-shaped residential building in Juffair. Tenders for the 17-storey structure have been floated with a closing date of January 30.
The building – set in a 1,800 sq m garden –boasts a comprehensive range of amenities including a swimming pool as well as separate covered ladies swimming pool, a huge gymnasium and steam room, a squash court, a playground, a terrace garden and a large TV room and will also include what Dr Bruno promises to be “a unique surprise amenity”.
A challenging aspect of the structure is the elliptical facades clad with double-glazed high-performance curved glass panels set in aluminium composite panels. “These glazing panels ensure a smooth elliptical facade,” he says. “The shape of the building gives a different cross-sectional floor plan throughout the building and hence the configuration of apartments.
A focal feature of the interior is a five-level atrium featuring two panoramic lifts and one service elevator.

The building is expected to see completion by early 2007.
Bahrain Engineering Bureau has also designed a 15-storey residential tower on the Amwaj Islands. The project – which is awaiting a building permit – comprises four three-bedroom apartments per floor with eight duplex apartments on the top level.
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nice design
and it really is approved???
Ya, it should be u/c, cause tenders closed on January 30th (mentioned above in the article I posted), so you can add this one to emporis.
strange i count 15 floors for this building, not 17 :dunno:
added to emporis at 17 though
Maybe the bottom part is 2 floors and they counted an extra one for the top ;).
Not bad. It'll either look amazing or really weird. ?!
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