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#PROJECT-BCD: "Block 58-33" | 7F Res

Located at the boundary of Zokak El Blat, the project occupies a key position weaving together the historic conservation area of Wadi Abu Jmil, a low-scale residential hub, and the higher density, mid-rise conservation sector of Zokak el Blat.
The scope of work was to design an avant-garde building, with an innovative architectural approach, facing retained mid-century Mediterranean style residential buildings, adjacent to a public garden and a recently constructed residential complex.

Our natural response to such a demand was to create a balance between historically rooted residential constructions, and bold modern architectural language of the turn of the century, trying to incorporate a harmonious respectful relationship with the surrounding neighborhood.
Design Team: Charles Hajj . Nathalie Mahfoud . Sandra Daoud . Jad Ghorayeb . Joseph Karam . Theodor Bafitos
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