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#PROJECT-BCD: "The Grand Theatre" | Hotel

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The Grand Theatre

Beirut Central District - Beirut, Lebanon

Boutique Hotel

Current Status:

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^^ Interesting... It looks like its generally in good condition...was it in the process of being restored?
^^ That's true there are way too many hotels in Beirut but not enough theaters.
Hi everyone, really enjoyed your comments on the Theatre. I've recently posted my adventure sneaking into the place and I've posted many pictures of the inside on my blog at I've linked back to this thread as well and to those who posted images of the exterior. Would love to hear your comments/memories/stories if my new pictures evoke any.

Welcome Habib! Thank you for sharing your experience and these rare photos of a site that most of us thought we would never have the chance to see. Can I ask how you were able to sneak in and out of this restricted site without being stopped by the very tight BCD security?

I certainly hope the interior is restored to resemble the original style and theme.
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Was there any mention of this in the latest Solidere reports?
1 - 7 of 46 Posts
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