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PROJECT: CUB Swanston redevelopment

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RMIT plans for site of old brewery
By Royce Millar, David Rood
March 13, 2004

That enduring city eyesore, the CUB site in Swanston Street, could soon be redeveloped into an education precinct under a sweeping RMIT University scheme to sell surplus properties and build new facilities.

The university has a two-stage plan to consolidate its dispersed city campus and offload excess assets, which include properties in Carlton and Elizabeth Street.

It wants to build a new business school on either the CUB site or a vacant site in Swanston Street for students now in the Tivoli Court building in Bourke Street. It will sell the nine floors it owns in the Bourke Street building.

Pro-vice-chancellor Cameron Moroney confirmed yesterday that the university planned to "test the market" for development of the CUB site. It was exploring joint ventures with developers to get the best value from the site.

Mr Moroney said the university envisaged student housing on the site's northern end and teaching and research facilities elsewhere. But he did not want to inhibit developers' thinking.

The rationalisation of university properties would enable RMIT to speed refurbishment of the facilities it kept, and to build start-of-the-art premises, Mr Moroney said.

Of the university's $900 million-plus property portfolio, $700 million is in the city.

The former brewery land has been a frustration since the CUB brewery ceased operating in the 1980s. RMIT bought the site in 1998 and has been criticised for failing to make use of it.

The PDG Corporation, which is redeveloping the Ansett complex across the road, is known to be interested. Managing director Vince Giuliano confirmed he had had discussions with RMIT.

"The site has good potential. It really depends on what restrictions come with it," he said.

Residential developer Australand is also eyeing the land.

"It's a good strategic site, especially if RMIT underwrites some sort of lease term for student accommodation," Victorian manager Rob Pradolin said.

The Melbourne City Council has called on RMIT to ensure a high-quality, landmark development on the site. Council major projects committee chairwoman Kate Redwood said: "What we don't want to see is another low-standard student kennel." - lol

The university should use the site to improve Melbourne's position in the competitive international education market, she said.

In 2002, RMIT's finances dived following the failure of the AMS student software system, turning a predicted $21 million surplus into a loss of almost $5 million.

The books have since returned to the black after budget cuts, the $19 million sale of land next to the university's Bundoora campus, and a Federal Government advance of $7.5 million.


possible advantages:
- ubar qualité low-mid-rise development possibly encompassing Educational (RMITBUS), civic and retail space.
- ubar qualité mid-high-rise development ecompassing Educational, Commercial and Retail components, landmark "the other end of the city" type thing (and above too)

possible disadvantages:
- cheap-arse lefty RMIT starts wanking on about cheap and affordable student accomodation needed near it's largest campus (far-fetched, but possible) with crap design.

I'd prefer some large-ish presence up there, but I think I'll keep my mind open to what could possibly come around.

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any idea aprox how many students there are in all of the CBD's/inner city educational facilities?
Noticed some people (looked like surveyors or something of that sort) walking around the site last week.
This is THE landmark site in the Melbourne and the only way for a building to be true landmark near the CBD is for it to be tall, very tall :) 310m to roof and 350 to spire mixed use building designed by FK sounds perfect.

Hopefully PDG wont get the site, there developments are pretty good, but nowhere near the quaility that this site deserves.

I dont thinks thats swanston st.... i been going to uni there for three years???? :?

they must have changed the levels by like 7 mtrs lol
They should build Grollo Tower! 600 meters of glory!
hey, you guys have a CUB site aswell! were lucky with our one, its a large csite right at the gateway to the southern end of the CBD and Australand have doe to erect some big ones up to 100-150m tall!
Do you think the melb CUB site will be allowed this type of height?
It's the northern gateway to the Melbourne CBD and terminated the northern view down Swanston Street just as the shrine terminated the southern view.

There was a plan approved in 1995 for twin towers, one 153m high and the other 133m high. There was also the John Elliot proposal from the late 80's which was massive, taller than Rialto I think.
Lets hope they do build a"landmark" type pf building on this very important site.
Could be a chance for all the Fed SQ knockers at the universities to come up with something better- but I wont hold may breath
hey, you guys have a CUB site aswell! were lucky with our one, its a large csite right at the gateway to the southern end of the CBD and Australand have doe to erect some big ones up to 100-150m tall!
Do you think the melb CUB site will be allowed this type of height?
It'll be interesting to see which of the two sites gets developed first and how the developments will end up being.

Like Cul, I was suprised to see Melbourne's CUB city site being earmarked for development. Where are CUB going?
CUB havent been at that site for many years their HQ is now at Southbank and the main brewery is in Abbotsford.

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Commonwealth Games Infrastructure and Major Projects Committee
Tuesday, 2 March 2004 at 5:30pm.
Council Meeting Room

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1 Commencement of meeting and apologies
2 Declarations of pecuniary interests
3 Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting
» Minutes of 16 Dec 2003 ordinary meeting
4 Matters arising from the minutes
5 Reports from Management
5.1 Commonwealth Games Village - Status Report Download (1697KB)
5.2 Council Planning for 2006 Commonwealth Games Quarterly Report (October-December 2003) Download (65KB)
5.3 Royal Park Wetlands Update Download (1068KB)
5.4 Argyle Square - Piazza Project Release Final Master Plan Report for Community Consultation Download (1990KB)
5.4a Argyle Square - Piazza Project Release Final Master Plan Report for Community Consultation (Attachment 1) Download (3638KB)
5.5 Status Report - CH2 Little Collins Street Precinct Development Download (1982KB)
5.6 Confidential: CUB Report (This item has been withdrawn)
6 General Business
7 Urgent Business
8 Public questions
9 Closure of meeting:wallbash: :?

.... hmm what are they schemeing lol:eat:
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does anyone else know of this?
good news is good news

RMIT have sought tenders to redevelop their Swanston St land, currently valued at $40 million. the successful developer will have rights to develop a mixed use southern half of the land in return for building RMIT retail and student accomodation towers on the northern section (none of which you'ld assume would go above 15 levels?) Anyway many a proposal has come and gone, but recalling some of the past proposals and having the 155m Verve over the road, i'd crack the shitties if something over 200m wasn't produced.

tenders close 19th November, the RMIT section should be built soon, as for the developers section, who knows?

a fairly crude render, but thats the part of the site that should host 1 or 2 towers of size

the wait begins....
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In 1997 Nauru government and David Marriner developed plans for Australia’s tallest tower on the CUB site after the 1995 ARM plans were shelved.

But like QV and Southern Cross Nauru had to sell the site before the development could go ahead. The plans have never been released to the public.

I think it is the logical site for the tallest building in Australia.
Hell yeah RMIT, go for it, make it tall! well accept one of the tallest offers. As long as it looks awsome (you dont really get great designed building for student apartments)
Go for gold!
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