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PROJECT: CUB Swanston redevelopment

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RMIT plans for site of old brewery
By Royce Millar, David Rood
March 13, 2004

That enduring city eyesore, the CUB site in Swanston Street, could soon be redeveloped into an education precinct under a sweeping RMIT University scheme to sell surplus properties and build new facilities.

The university has a two-stage plan to consolidate its dispersed city campus and offload excess assets, which include properties in Carlton and Elizabeth Street.

It wants to build a new business school on either the CUB site or a vacant site in Swanston Street for students now in the Tivoli Court building in Bourke Street. It will sell the nine floors it owns in the Bourke Street building.

Pro-vice-chancellor Cameron Moroney confirmed yesterday that the university planned to "test the market" for development of the CUB site. It was exploring joint ventures with developers to get the best value from the site.

Mr Moroney said the university envisaged student housing on the site's northern end and teaching and research facilities elsewhere. But he did not want to inhibit developers' thinking.

The rationalisation of university properties would enable RMIT to speed refurbishment of the facilities it kept, and to build start-of-the-art premises, Mr Moroney said.

Of the university's $900 million-plus property portfolio, $700 million is in the city.

The former brewery land has been a frustration since the CUB brewery ceased operating in the 1980s. RMIT bought the site in 1998 and has been criticised for failing to make use of it.

The PDG Corporation, which is redeveloping the Ansett complex across the road, is known to be interested. Managing director Vince Giuliano confirmed he had had discussions with RMIT.

"The site has good potential. It really depends on what restrictions come with it," he said.

Residential developer Australand is also eyeing the land.

"It's a good strategic site, especially if RMIT underwrites some sort of lease term for student accommodation," Victorian manager Rob Pradolin said.

The Melbourne City Council has called on RMIT to ensure a high-quality, landmark development on the site. Council major projects committee chairwoman Kate Redwood said: "What we don't want to see is another low-standard student kennel." - lol

The university should use the site to improve Melbourne's position in the competitive international education market, she said.

In 2002, RMIT's finances dived following the failure of the AMS student software system, turning a predicted $21 million surplus into a loss of almost $5 million.

The books have since returned to the black after budget cuts, the $19 million sale of land next to the university's Bundoora campus, and a Federal Government advance of $7.5 million.


possible advantages:
- ubar qualité low-mid-rise development possibly encompassing Educational (RMITBUS), civic and retail space.
- ubar qualité mid-high-rise development ecompassing Educational, Commercial and Retail components, landmark "the other end of the city" type thing (and above too)

possible disadvantages:
- cheap-arse lefty RMIT starts wanking on about cheap and affordable student accomodation needed near it's largest campus (far-fetched, but possible) with crap design.

I'd prefer some large-ish presence up there, but I think I'll keep my mind open to what could possibly come around.

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La collaborationiste: Culwulla

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Vote 1 Bronteboy's sense of humour.

added few more Melbourne big ones

Also I think the building envelope is 50 stories and around 200m tops for CUB. e.g. SX1 has a lot of space

Tyson: E&Y 45,000
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^ Telstra Centre 242 Exhibition should be on there with about 65,525 sqm. Nice list, by the way, just needs a little clean up and a addition of a couple that should probably be in there., especially Perth offices such as QV1 with about 63,261 sqm :)
^left out westpac/sydney 74,000sqm, E&Y/syd 76,000sqm.
Q1 centre in brisbane will have 70,000sqm.
^looks tall.
hmmm, you're right , if it's 250m i"ve had it a bit too tall - and out of scale a bit for distance i think, with ARM looming too large. But my height was NOT MUCH out...

Scale here is 2cm = 25m for Verve's 152m, but just rounding off - ignoring Verve's 2m over 150m, which is halved by CUBs 1m-plus elevation anyway.

Also tried to verify with the 249m of Melbourne Central's spires, but the trigometrics are too hard for me, and i don't know their precise distance almost one block west, and therefore what axis that line should come back from.

I've placed the first stepped roof level here at 200m, using the 2cm=25m scale.

I think this working diagram would be within a tolerance of a 1M or so either way - not much more, and we don't know the building's precise height anyway.

So... it's just an attempt to give a fair early indication of how it would look in that part of the skyline at 250m. :)

EDIT: Actually the scale doesn't work on the different sized image showing on screen here.

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E&Y/syd 76,000sqm.
Their site says something very different
^thats weird. its got 76k on emporis.ill change it .
bronte- i think 200m to roof is too tall. i was told 150mapprx. and 200m to beacon.ill see if i can get anything from a rchitects
It really looks out on its own, but hopefully a new cluster of talls with be built to join Verve, Melb Central and new CUB at that end of the city.
CULWULLA;14521968 bronte- i think 200m to roof is too tall. i was told 150mapprx. and 200m to beacon.ill see if i can get anything from a rchitects[/QUOTE said:
well that would be a bit of a let-down now. a couple of knowledgeable estimates around here were going from 250m to 278m - it looks taller than 200m in the render, and i don't think anyone here can fathom how 85,000 sq m would fit into a narrow building with a roof of 150m plus feature.

well, we'll see what the architects say - tell DCM if they don't do better than 200m I'll give up painting.
85,000 over 150m would require very big floorplates, at least 2,200sqm. By my calculations the site for this tower (Building 4) is a bit over 3,000 sqm and fairly irregular in shape. In any case media releases have explicitly stated 50 floors. I find it difficult to believe they would try and fit 50 floors of office into only 150 or so metres.
^SX2 will have floor plates that size and pack 46,000m2 in 20 levels.
They tend to get more space from a given footprint these days with column free floors. 50 storeys would be the building envelope, not actual levels.

The render just doesn't look like a Rialto on the corner there ;)
Merde! Bronte's hanging up his brushes until this is clarified::no:

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Edit: thought better of this - my sense of humour's too strong sometimes
Edit: ditto (it was a series)
I have been reading the site with a gulp all morning. As the proud owner of the corner apartment looking across CUB I always knew we were getting something big and now we finally know what it is.

Just to echo some of the comments here. First, looking at the scale models and comparing it to Verve I really dont think it will be more than 200m in height. Second, I agree that from its location to the left of Swanston its hard to see how this will give most of the building the bookend position it claims to be taking. Third, nobody has pointed out that the whole idea of extending Swanston Street from the Shrine to the new building is about to be screwed up by the plaza that is going in outside Verve. There will trees and water and no road or footpath. Seems a shame.

Finally its a great building and while I would prefer my current uninterrupted views across Carlton if I have to look across to a building it may well be this one. I will certainly save on lighting at night when they switch that big bloody white light on.

I will post pics of my pad, view and the new location for the new tower if someone can help me work out how to add photos to my blog. Help.
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depends on your blogging software but follow these directions to get images uploaded somewhere:
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