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New project unveiled today,with presence of sheikh Mohammed,probably a big academic city that will house large numbers of universities from around the world,the cost of the projest is DHS 10bn and guess what it's already UC. :runaway:

Under the Burj
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There are already signs to academic city, on the Hatta road. in fact they even feature in the fil syriana!

i think Knowlege village is moving out there soon aswell.

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Dubai Academic City promises to be global destination

By Bassam Za'za', Staff Reporter

Dubai: Dubai Academic City will create a global academic destination that provides all institutions housed in it with opportunities for communication, experience-sharing and cooperation to utilise latest technologies and processes, said a senior official.

"DAC will give its students access to all the available academic sources. It is set to be a way of life with its potential and facilities. Students and faculty will be able to study, work and lead a full-fledged life within the campus which is a miniature depiction of the greater Dubai life," Ahmad Bin Byat, Chairman of Dubai Education Council (DEC), told a crowd of academicians and Dubai-based university directors at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel on Sunday.

Speaking at DAC's official launching, Bin Byat said DAC will provide ample opportunity for interaction regionally and locally by cultivating programmes that are more in tune with developmental requirements in the region and decrease the expanding gap between them and the qualified human resources.

This new global academic destination will service a variety of local, Arab and international institutions, universities, training, research and excellence centres.

The launch comes as part of an ongoing Dubai government initiative to invest in the development of human capital through quality international higher education and training, he said.

Investments for this project, built on a 129 million square foot campus, are forecast to exceed Dh12 billion and will be allocated to different development phases, according to the project's master plan. The development is set for completion in 2012.

Programmes offered will be specialised courses that cater to the needs of the different booming economic sectors in Dubai and the region, he added.

Dr Abdullah Al Karam, DEC's Secretary General and Chief Executive of Knowledge Village, told Gulf News, "It is about time to take higher education to a next step and provide the full academic experience for universities, faculty and students."

Some of the varsities to be based there

- Zayed University

- Dubai Men's College

- Dubai University College

- University of Wollongong

- British University in Dubai

- American University in Dubai

- Harriot Watt University

- Al Ghurair University

- Dubai Police Officers' Academy

- Dubai Aviation College

- UAE Academy of Hospitality

- Azad University

Back in the Sandpit
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i heard they r indeed going to demolish KV, but i can't remember the reasons.

ah now i do, they want to build more media city towers there, i think it was altin who told us.

Jelly Bean!!
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i think i might wanna study abroad with this project in the pipeline

speakin of studyin, how many students do dubai have and how many are from abroad?
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