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Dubailand selected as venue for the Falcon City of Wonders

In the not too distant a future, people can travel to Dubailand to see most of the 'Wonders of the World' and at the same time have their life's most exclusive experience.

Falcon City of Wonders.
Dubailand has announced that it will host the 'Falcon City of Wonders', which will be developed by a leading local real estate developer. The AED 5.5 billion project will occupy an area of 4 million square meters.

An agreement to this effect was signed in Dubai by Saeed Al Muntafiq, Director General of Dubai Development and Investment Authority; and Salem Al Moosa, President of Falcon City of Wonders and a member of Salem Al Moosa. Also present at the signing ceremony were Salem bin Dasmal, Chief Executive officer of Dubailand.

Al Moosa said, 'Inspired by the vision of H.H General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, this project will give the private sector the opportunity to participate in the development of this country.'

He added, 'We believe that success and growth has no ceiling and as much we give to our country and to our economy, as much it will grow. As wise people say, if there is a will, there is a way. And our way was clearly identified. Enthused and encouraged by all this, we decided to keep on contributing in the growth and evolution of Dubai by launching this project, which will be one of a kind -- not only at the regional level -- but also at the international level. This project will teach us about the times and cultures of peoples from different ages past and from various parts of the world.'

Al Moosa said that Phase 1 of the project is expected to be ready by 2007, according to studies carried out by experts and engineering consultants at WS Atkins Engineering Consultants who conducted the project's feasibility study as well as Klininc , the German company who envisioned the entertainment area of the project.

Saeed Al Muntafiq Director General of Dubai Development and Investment Authority said, 'Falcon City of Wonders will be one of our most awe-inspiring projects at Dubailand. It will be an experience to visit. Falcon City of Wonders will not only engage our imagination, it will also be an educative experience.'

Al Muntafiq added, 'Falcon City of Wonders will stretch the limits of our credulity regarding what man can achieve when he is motivated enough. In some ways, the Wonders of the World featured at Falcon City will remind us that at Dubailand too - as in Dubai as a whole - we are capable of transforming into reality what we can dream of.'

Land of civilisations

Falcon City of Wonders will accommodate and combine in a highly pleasant mix various commercial, residential, educational and leisure amenities with entertainment facilities. In addition to this, the Falcon City of Wonders - as the name suggests - will house famous attractions from different spots in the world like the Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia which will also feature a relaxing resort, the Eiffel Tower hotel, and the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa hotels. It will be a land of civilisations.

The project will feature a fun city inspired by the Pharaohs' era. This will be divided into three areas: Pharaoh's Theme Park, which will be located by the main entrance and will include the old plaza of Alexandria, the Pyramid of Giza, Cleopatra Oasis, the great Nile and the amazing virtual reality games. The Kings Valley will be the centre of all the fun and games in addition to the 'Mirage', the land of fantasy, the shows areas, a stage for interesting light and sound shows, Sindbad and Ali Baba.

The project will feature a unique exterior, reflecting the falcon, which is the UAE's mark. Also, the falcon wings will feature a number of elegant villas and compounds. The project will also include shopping malls, hotels, health and fitness centres, schools, and parks.

The Falcon City of Wonders is an exceptional creation adding yet another unique facet to world-beating tourism, lifestyle, entertainment and leisure facilities that are being developed at Dubailand. It will be designed as a handsomely distinguished city where historical landmarks, a state-of-the-art theme park and modern lifestyle will all come together to honour cultures and to celebrate diversity of civilisations.
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Sorry but this has to be the worst project in Dubai. It's precisely the type of this I hate, cheap and tacky. I mean why the hell would I visit a cheap replica of the eiffel tower when I can go to Paris and see the real one. I can tell the developers are going to lose a lot of money because people don't come to Dubai to see Paris, they come to Dubai to see Dubai. I'd much rather visit all of Dubai's landmarks such as the burj (both of them), palm island, old centre, etc...

Terrible! :down:
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I actually think the renders are great! The concept is what I find tacky as hell though.
Dubai-Lover said:
"Falcon City of Wonders is unparalleled in the uniqueness of its concept and the broadness of its scope,"
I love this quote. :hahaha:
Actually there is something good I found in this project. I like what's done with the pyramids, using glass as shown. If something like this were done to all the "wonders" the project might actually be pretty good. This might be a good twist that Aloosh was talking about.

One thing I hope they don't do is try to recreate all the details and ornaments, etc. It wouldn't look half as good as the real version and would be an insult too.

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I think it would be pretty cool if they designed a park based on the 7 wonders of the world. The replicas aren't actually too bad as long as they don't try to make them compete with the real wonders (obviously failing miserably if they do) and buildings inspired by the wonders (like the glass pyramids) are much better. The one thing that bugs me is the eiffel tower. It looks really out of place and will be visible from all over Dubai if they make it that high. To me the real eiffel tower's pretty ugly and I absolutely hate buildings that are made to look like it (especially the proposal for the lotte 2 tower in Seoul and others along those lines). Sorry to all the French but it's only my opinion :)
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Dubai-Lover said:
eiffel tower in paris is 300m tall
and taj mahal is one hell of a massive building, as well as the pyramids in giza
but actually i don't like the idea to make it even bigger, people might find it a little arrogant!!!
That's exactly what I mean, it would be an insult. This project will be world famous and'll be used by all Americans on SCC as a back-up to a "Dubai's fake" statement.

Ah well, what can you do. :dunno:

Will the shiteffel tower be a new supertall then? It works out at 322m.

Here's a better render:

And read this. Someone can't speak English :hahaha::rofl:

All from the website.
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I think this project is even worse than Vegas. Building them bigger than the originals (and turning them into shopping malls) is about this biggest insult to the originals that can be made. Years and years of work and hard labour were put into creating the wonders of the world and here someone just goes and recreates them in a year. I'd bet these guys even considered recreating the cistine chapel complete with Michelangelo's works and all. Also imagine if they decided to build a replica of the twin towers but bigger. How insulting would that be?

I think this will actually become Dubai's most famous landmark but for all the wrong reasons. Also the sad thing is people from outside will think this is what Dubai is and what it's about. They'll think: "Oh it's that city that recreated the world wonders to try to get attention" and they'll miss everything else. I know this is probably my most pessimistic post here on SSC but really, this is the low of all lows and I don't see any good coming out of this project. People won't take Dubai seriously anymore after this is built.

BTW, that reminds me to add a few more puke signs next to this project on my thread ;).
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Why not? This one doesn't exist anymore so why not make a new one ;)
virtual said:
It's completly going to ruin Dubai's reputation.

Not only will they have the reputation of making cheap copies of already existing monuments, but they won't even had the originality to do so, like Las Vegas did. LV is already hated for that, but at least they got the idea, Dubai didn't, so in short they are copying Las Vegas in constructing cheap replicas of world famous monuments... way to go.

I won't say anymore since I think my rants in this thread and the multitude of puke smilies next to this project in my boom thread shows what I think.

And flo, if this is built how the hell can it not be famous? In fact, it would become more famous than the burj al arab even, but for all the wrong reasons.

I suppose that the british forumers here must be really happy though since this definitely is pissing off the french. :hahaha:

Aswell, this thing isn't a theme park. Pity because a themepark based on the wonders of the world would be a great idea. Instead, they build more useless villas and shopping centres.
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Well, the fact that it's in Dubailand makes it a bit better.

I say this about villas and shopping malls since there are loads already being built. Dubailand needs something to liven it up a little. Something for younger people maybe. Just my thoughts
I'm talking about a themepark based on the wonders of the world. The theme park here is really small compared to the villa and shopping areas though. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with villas and shopping but there seems to be more than enough already
^^ Burj al Arab already has the same effect. It doesn't have to be uninhabitable. Aswell burj dubai might steal the show once it's completed
And who said this isn't the worst project in Dubai :D
Was wondering, is this project actually popular? Are sales actually going well and are there people actually interested in this thing? Judging from their website I reckon these guys will do the same as the lighthouse developer.

These guys will need to secure financing and if they don't sell enough stuff they won't be able to build it (hopefully)
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:D :D BTW, have any of you noticed where exactly the eiffel tower's placed? :D :D

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^^ Is it really necessary with the recent pics? ;)
Well, I suppose all I can say is congrats on the purchase, although I would have prefered a view with a real dubai landmark :D
I thought the palm villas seemed OK, at least they do from people's pictures.
Anyway, give me an apartment in business bay preferably with burj dubai view aswell as some other great towers (of course al yacoub should be blocked by a tower in front ;)) and I'll be a really happy guy. Of course one requirement would be a hell of a lot of money which I doubt I'll ever have :D

BTW how's the jumeirah islands villa?
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