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#PROJECT-Fanar: "Fanar Tower" | 76m

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Fanar Tower

Fanar, Lebanon

Architect: Charbel Abou Jawde​


By the demand of Mr. Georges Salameh, president of Fanar municipality, to create a new tourist attraction pole to refresh the area, there for was the idea. From the word Fanar that means lighthouse, this tower was designed to be the first of it's kind and shape in Lebanon and the region. Fanar is at 250m of altitude, topped with the 76m high tower. At the apex, there is a circular indoor restaurant for 200 people and another one outdoor. Above he restaurant there is a room with a telescope and binoculars all around its periphery. What characterizes this tower is the circular management section above the entrance, noticing the distinct entrance and exit. As for the vertical circulation, four elevators for public and service do it, and a fire staircase used as well by climbing fans. This tower is planted in a park, and forms a unique tourist station for everybody. Time Square: A unique new conception of a light and water clock. During the day, the water clock in which the level of water rises 1.5 meter every hour to reach the top at 12 o'clock. As for nighttime, the light level rises along with the water level so that water and light become as the hands of the clock. And more, the ancient sun clock, used in a new unique way, the shadow moves clockwise on the numbers marked on the floor .the head of the main volume is divided into 2 so that time is marked by the shadow between the 2 heads. The external shape is symbol of the Lebanese cedar, and the water jets on the right and left of it complete the whole to become a Phoenician boat floating on a wave of geometrical volumes.

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i am spechless. It's an awsome tower Beirut!. Does anyone of you know where fanar is???
^^ t's in Northern Lebanon.

The Design is AWESOME!!!!!!

So,t's a 76 m tower on a 250 meters hil ???
^^ I am confused about the height, originally the text said 76cm but I assumed that was a typo error and that really they mean 76m.

Does 76m seem reasonable for this tower based on the render? It is hard to estimate since there are no floors.
^^yes it does seem reasonable...but i hate it:puke:it looks like a fat CN Tower and it's way short
^^Yes 76 m,just make a cmparison between the tower and the palm trees surrounding it.
its awesome ! i think i have Family in Fanar...., i think its north of Beirut, id i remember right there is a great view of the city from there
yes Beirut!, it looks like a 76m tower... look at the Achrafieh tower, its only 98 meters or around there and it looks tall because its on a hill... the only thing im confused about is why would they do that if you can already have a perfect view of the city from the hill. Just go to Harissa and you will have a better one...kinda useless, they should build a tall one in the Beirut Marina instead of using the balloon, it would be a major tourist attraction for Beirut and the view would be awesome
It looks liek a rocket...the "Time square" part sounds pretty imaginative and cool..complex tho. Whos financing this? The town?
its nice tho it would look prety awkward in fanar, this kinda project would be awesome in a dense city (like nadini said, the hotel district for example)..hmmm.
^^ In that case it would only look nice if it were much taller than the surrounding buildings.

Can anyone post some pics of the general area of Fanar (Google Earth would be nice too)...?
yak ugly i hate that kind of building.
^^ i agree, this looks awkward in its place and design ... i hope they change their minds...
^^ Probably they will :)
fewwww i hope that:soon:
Here is a Google Earth image of Fanar.

The coordinates on Google Earth are: 33.881332, 35.576283
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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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