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A $817m resort will be built in Fujairah over an area of 7m sqft of seafront near the Omani border and adjacent to the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort. The development, called Al Fujairah Paradise, will comprise 1,000 five-star villas, a hotel, and shopping mall. Saudi-based Golden Riyadh Establishment for Trading is reportedly financing the project, and says villas could sell for $953m.

Escan Properties will manage and market the $817m Fujairah Paradise development in Dibba under a deal with Riyadh Golden Investment and Development, reported Gulf News. Construction is due to start in March 2006.

Villas of Fujairah Paradise:

Features of Fujairah Paradise:
- Paradise hotel: 90m above sea level and has 150 rooms.
- Reception building: Offers services to residents and guests.
- Paradise village: 185 villas, each is 350 squared metres with 2 different designs.
- Paradise villas: 815 villas, all are 450 squared metres or more. 6 different designs, designed by world renowned architect, Francis Gambart.
- Paradise mall: 2000 square metres.
- Paradise beach: Includes restaurants and cafes spread along 30,000 square metres.
- Paradise restaurants: Restaurants to be located up on the mountains.
- Paradise courts: Courts for basketball, football, volleyball and tennis.
- Clinic
- Mosque
- Kids town

Basic and leisure services:
- Paradise tourist yacht: Includes restaurants, can carry 100 people and has coolers installed for the hot summer months.
- Cable cars: 40 cars.
- Paradise mini cars: Every villa owner will be given an electric golf kart. Guests will be offered golf karts and will not be allowed to use their cars inside the city.
- Paradise train: Tourist train for guests and residents that passes through the whole city.
- Hotel services: 24 hour service such as a la carte dining, laundry and other services for guests and residents alike.
- Security services: 24 hour camera surveillance and security guards.
- Helipad
- Road network
- Wireless internet: Present all over the city.
- Live feed cameras: Anyone in the world will be able to view the live feed via the paradise tv channel or the internet.

Attractive & beautifying features:
- Artifical lakes
- Rivers
- Mountains: All the mountains surrounding the city will be fully landscaped and planted with many trees.
- Ocean view
- Paradise waterfalls
- Pedestrian pathways
- Cooling system: MIST coolers to be installed on top of the mountains to lower the temperature of the city and purify the air during the summer months. Additional smaller cooler will be installed throughout the city.
- Paradise beach: Offers all kinds of water sports and beach services.
- Coral reef: Presence of one of the rarest coral reefs in the world.

The website is Unfortunately, the website is only in arabic but i translated the most important things. There is also a video but i cannot provide a link since it's a flash-based website. If you really want to watch it, then do the following...

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