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BD150m project gets go-ahead

THE BD150 million Gilgamesh Island project off Muharraq got the go-ahead yesterday, after councillors who originally objected missed the vote. The project, which is expected to be completed in five years, will be located west of the Muharraq Coastguard.

It will feature a 40-storey tower building, housing complex, villas, chalets, harbour, marine museum and cinema complex.

Muharraq Municipal Council initially backed the project three weeks ago, but it was brought back for further discussion after three members alleged that chairman Mohammed Al Wazzan would personally benefit from the project.

They claimed Mr Al Wazzan was a shareholder in Al Enma'a House for Real Estate, which is behind the project.

Mr Al Wazzan and Al Enma'a denied the allegations.

But the councillors who made the allegations were not present for yesterday's vital discussion and final vote.

Public relations and information committee chairman Salah Al Jowder had to leave the meeting to attend a court hearing.

Majeed Karimi was taking part in a workshop and Hussain Isa was receiving condolences over the death of a relatives.

Mr Al Wazzan said at yesterday's session that the allegations

were untrue.

"I have no vested interest in the project, I only saw it as a potentially good investment for Muharraq and the country as a whole.

"I have no grudge against other members, who should have made sure of their allegations, before going around spreading them and telling the Press about them.

"The respect between us will continue being the same, even after this incident, because I don't have any hate for anyone, even when offended."

Mr Al Wazzan said that issue would not be discussed again, since six out of 10 councillors were at the meeting to vote.

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