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Since we are on the topic of Rollercoasters I was having a look on the net and found information on a new major rollercoaster for Blackpool pleasure beach. I found information from a number of sources.

The Bigger One Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Project: PK27 'The Bigger One'
Ride Type: £25million Launched Coaster
Name: Unknown

Not much is known about this project, other than that it will launch out to sea along a pier, where it will shoot up into the sky, in a top hat section the park hope will make the ride the world's tallest coaster.

The even bigger one
BLACKPOOL Pleasure Beach is in talks to build a colossal new ride which will fire thrillseekers out over the Irish Sea.
The sensational multi-million pound venture has been labelled by experts the most ambitious rollercoaster project in the world and the theme park's biggest since The Big One was launched a decade ago.
Although details of the proposed ride are being kept firmly under wraps, The Gazette has learned Pleasure Beach bosses have discussed a number of breathtaking options.
They are believed to include:
n A rollercoaster bigger than the 235ft tall Big One, the world's tallest and fastest when it opened.
n The ride would plunge passengers at high speeds over the South Promenade and onto a new specially designed pier.
n It would give those on board the impression they were hurtling into the sea, before pulling up at the last minute.
It is hoped the Pleasure Beach will be in a position to give details in the coming weeks after a series of meetings to discuss issues such as the ride's height and propulsion, as well as the logistics of building over the Prom and onto the beach.
From Page One
Whether the new ride would be a genuine circuit rollercoaster, or what is known as a "drop" ride is, as yet, unclear.
Management at the Pleasure Beach have refused to confirm or deny plans for a new ride. A spokesman said: "We do not reveal any details of future developments."
However, it is understood that the Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Council are talking as part of a pre-planning application stage.
This process is used to allow designers and planners to work together to iron out any issues before the plans are made public.
Reg Haslam, Blackpool Council's head of planning, said: "As yet no planning application has been submitted and the nature of this ride is unclear. The Pleasure Beach constantly examines a whole range of development proposals, taking some forward and discarding others. So to comment before an application is made would be wrong.
"What I can say is that on a regular cycle the Pleasure Beach do add a major attraction to their collection and I would expect to see major investment in the Pleasure Beach in the next two to three years. I look forward to receiving a planning application."
Andy Hine, Chairman of the Rollercoaster Club of Great Britain, said if the Pleasure Beach did go ahead with the plans it would shake the theme park world to its foundations.
He said: "This sounds fantastic and if it happened it would be the most ambitious in the world.
"From all the rumours I've heard so far this one seems like the most feasible.
"Other rides have been built on piers before, but never one which started on land and went out to sea. There has been talk for some time about a massive new ride in Blackpool, one that could top the Big One.
"Whenever there are plans for new projects they are kept very quiet as it is a very secretive industry where nobody wants anyone else to know what they have got planned.
"If anyone can do this then Blackpool can. Can you imagine seeing a rollercoaster going over a road and out to sea? It's awesome!
"Blackpool has always been outlandish, no-one else would get away with it, but you can be assured if it can be done Blackpool will do it first."

08 September 2004

2010 - New Coaster - Rumor - (4/22/05) If the latest rumors from my good sources are true, the plans for 2010 now that were once rumored to be the Rocket Coaster are no more. Whatever is in development for 2010 is now said to be a new concept all together.
(4/12/05) The latest rumors claim that the proposed Rocket Coaster project may have been pushed back to 2010 and another project put into the 2006/2007 time slot.
(9/10/04) Speculation and reports are starting to run rampant in the media about Blackpool’s next big coaster. The widely accepted rumor is that it will be a unique Rocket Coaster style design, but not necessarily from Intamin, that will start in the park, shoot over a road and down to the end of a pier where the huge Top Hat will be placed. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but sources tell us that this may not be a simple shorter copy of Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster.
(8/6/04) Screamscape has heard a few new rumors about this project over the past week. For starts, several sources report hat the project has been delayed a year to 2007 now. I’ve also heard a rumor that Intamin may no longer be involved as a possible explanation for the year long delay.
(1/21/04) Screamscape sources have confirmed that to their knowledge, Blackpool has settled on adding an Intamin Rocket Coaster to the park in 2006 and is no longer considering any other rides like the rumored S&S Thrust X. From what I’ve been led to understand, they are actually very interested in copying the design of Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster, though I can’t be sure to what level of speed and height they are willing to go. Strangely enough, this would be the second Intamin Rocket Coaster to open in the UK in 2006, with the other planned for Thorpe Park.

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I had heard that it would be cancelled as Blackpool weren't satisfied with the reliability of these type of coasters. The other launched coasters I've heard of seem to have lots of downtime.

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bigger one at blackpool pleasure beach

i heard about the new proposal too but I went to blackpool and spoke to a member of staff on the 'spin doctor' about 2 weeks ago and he said they had to scrap the idea because they couldnt get planning permission from the local airport or the council. very dissapointing though as 500ft is an amazing height, including the 150mph, the fastest in the world!
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