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i read in a magazine (lebanese opportunities) that Dubai iland developer Nakheel bought a land in dbayeh..Nakheel build in Dubai the palm..and guys has somebody any information about MARINA CITY DU LIBAN....?
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There is a new project going in the Dbayeh region. I saw they are digging ABC Dbayeh's parking lot (near the back entrance).

No additional info was available.
are the making the ABC there bigger ?
I don't know. The digged land is in ABC's backward parking lot.
yeah they are i was on the abc website
Dbayeh: The first department store.
Situated on the busy coasta highway.
18,000 m2.Additional 10,000 m2 under construction.
Projects/Hotels Status (Rumors?)

Honestly, I didn't want to start this thread but I have to... I'm sure most of the readers will feel disappointed after reading.

Concerning the projects, I heard that construction for Four Seasons is on hold. Now, I'm not sure if this rumour is accurate or not. I have to check tomorrow as I'm driving to AUB.

As for the hotels status, I heard rumours that Mövenpick and Habtoor Hotels have closed.

Again, these are rumours. But I doubt they are incorrect.
I dont think this is entirely correct because there is a major concert planned at the movenpick in March.
I think it's just's true tourism is bad nowadays,but not catastrophic.
Today I passed by Four Seasons Hotel. Usually I saw workers working on the top of the building. Today I didn't see. But there were a few workers on site.
Habtoor Hotel seems to be closed.
Go here and try to reserve a room. You'll get a message saying:
The Front Office Reservation System is currently down for maintenance reasons.
I tried the same for Mövenpick. The system is working!
Naregkar, the habtoor grand hotel and movenpick aren't closed (yet...).
As for the online reservation, it was never actually operational.
^^ thats true, the online reservation never worked with him, but Naroug if this is true, wouldnt it be on the news?
^^ Well I don't know...

But I heard on the news that even Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel is suffereing a lot... Too risky...
Okay guys, Habtoorland has closed its doors now. About 800 workers are out. (It was reported by LBC News)
Okay guys, Habtoorland has closed its doors now. About 800 workers are out. (It was reported by LBC News)
awwwwwwww thats so lame !
:( that sucks
but is it closed down for ever ! or just when things get better
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