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Sharjah to build $68m island airport
by Lynne Roberts on Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Sharjah is to build an airport on Sir Abu Nu’air, according to Gulf News today.

Halcrow International Partnership is design consultant for the project, which is expected to cost in the region of Dh250 million.

An existing airstrip will be replaced with a modern runway, airfield, passenger terminal and control tower. The island’s marina will be dredged and increased in size as part of the development.

Shaikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Al Thani, chairman of the Sharjah Department of Civil Aviation, said in a statement, "The island is known for its beautiful beaches surrounded by coral reefs, and this low-impact development will allow many more people to enjoy its rugged beauty while simultaneously preserving its natural splendour.”

The island, located 65 kilometres off the coast of Sharjah is renowned for its beaches and natural beauty, and is home to archaeological finds dating back to the Iron Age.

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its common sense people, the airport is for transportation to/from the island,

the airport is for the island not the island for the airport.

i think Sharjah will make resorts and tourist attraction facilities in the island, like resorts or so.
they are working on it, they expanded it ( not yet finished but will soon), also they made their own airlines air arabia,

with the amount of money they have or making its good effort.

Abu Dhabi as a capital and the largest wealthiest emirate should do alot to their international airports. ( and change the unqualified staff too).
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